essay Imagine that you live in a village. Describe your village.

The village I live in is known as Kampung Java. It is about ten miles from a large town.

There are many people in my village. Most of them are farmers. They grow paddy in the large fields around my village. These paddy fields look very beautiful when the paddy plants are growing. The mountains in the distance and the palm trees all around, add to the beauty of these fields.

The shops in my village are very old. There are few brick buildings. Most of the shops are along the main road in the village. As the people in my village live a simple life, their needs are not many. So, many of the things found in the shops in the towns are not found in the shops in my village.

The people in my village are good. They go not like to quarrel or fight with others. Every evening they meet one another and talk about many things. If they need any help or advice, they go to the village chief. The chief is a wise man. He gives good advice and keeps the people happy.

Indeed, I like my village very much.