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Explain about the components of computer hardware?

Explain about the components of computer hardware?
Ans. The computer hardware comprises of the following components.
i.                    Input devices: - The data is required to be transmitted to computer for processing. It is done with the help of input devices like punch card reader, paper tape reader, mark and character reader, keyboard, speech recognizer etc.
ii.                  Central processing Unit: - This unit processes raw data according to the instructions given to the computer. It has mainly three parts. Control unit, Arithmetic / Logic unit and memory unit.
iii.                  Output devices: - The processed data is to be made available to the user in the form required by him. For this purpose the following devices are used. Printers, visual display unit etc. This is necessary to provide back up storage. It may be in the form magnetic tapes, magnetic dises, floppies, C.D.s etc. 


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