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Fourth Generation of Computers (1971 – 85)

Write short note on “Fourth Generation of Computers” (1971 – 85)

Ans. In 1971, Intel corporation developed and I.C. which was a revolutionary in a computer world. Later in 1974, another breed of computer known as Micro computers came into existence and which became popular during the fourth phase. The computer which used large scale integrated circuits used micro – processor chips like 8080, 8085, 8086, 6800, 68000 of this 8086 and 68000 are 16 Bit chips and rest are 8 Bit chips. It reduced the size and increased the number of functions. Secondary devices are further developed. These computers left no field in human life uncovered. Some of the important models of fourth generation are Intel 4004, Apple I & II, DCM Spectrum, 2X – Spectrum, BBC’s ACCOM, IBM Compatibles etc. and sinclairs ZX – 81.