If I were a Teacher

If I were a Teacher
            When I was young, I was fond of playing the role of a teacher. I would imagine a class of children in front of me, a black board on the wall and myself - an ideal teacher. Everything was imaginary except the ruler in my hand.
            If I were a teacher, I would give greater importance to example that to precept. I would make the children understand the worth of polite speech and decent behaviour. I would never go late to class, i would avoid taking casual leave as far as possible.
            When I would enter the class I would bid them the time an expect them to bid me in return. ‘Good morning, children’ would be the beginning of the day. I would plan the lesson well and ensure that every child had understood the day’s topic. I would give special attention to the weaker students, unlike some teachers who only care for the clever children and neglect the below average ones. I would consider it my duty to analyse and solve the problems of every child without any partiality.
            I would not approve of learning by heart. I would try to make every lesson interesting by giving practical examples from every day life. The children would be encouraged to collect information from newspapers and magazines. I would encourage the children to participate in games, sports and cultural activities.
            It would be my principle never to make any personal remark which would hurt any child’s feelings. I would never tolerate selfishness, rudeness or dishonesty. I would encourage them to love their home members and their friends, and make them happy.
            Throughout my career as a teacher, my air would be to instil in every child real and noble values of life and mound him into a responsible and productive citizen of the world.