Meaning:-Profession is an occupation carried on by professional people like doctors, lawyers, architects, etc. it involves application of expert knowledge to solve specific problems or to handle specific tasks. There is a debate whether management is a profession or not. To find out whether management is a profession, one needs to know features of professions.

          Following are some of the important features of professions

1.    Formal Education: - a true professional needs to have minimum formal education from a recognised institution. For instance, a lawyer needs to have a degree in law from a recognised university.

2.    Fees: - The professional normally charges fees for their services rendered to the clients. The fees may be varying from professional to professional. Normally, they do not work exclusively for only one client. They have number of clients.

3.    Expert Knowledge: - professional require expert knowledge in a particular discipline. For instance, a doctor needs to have expert knowledge in the field of medicine.

4.    Requirement of Licence: - Professionals require a license or a permission to practice. For instance, a doctor requires a licence to practice as a medical practitioner.

5.    Independent office: - Normally, the professionals practice from their own independent office.

6.    Social Responsibility: - The professionals are socially responsible to their clients and to the society, while handling their tasks and responsibilities. Their actions should be guided not only by monetary consideration, but also by social responsibility.

7.    Specialisation: - The professionals may specialise in a particular field. For instance, there may be doctors only for a particular disease or for a particular class of patients. For instance, ther are heart specialist, child specialist, etc.

8.    Code of Conduct: -The actions of the professional are guided by a code of conduct. It is the association, either at national level or at state level that lays down certain standards to be followed by the professionals.