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Meaning: - The scope of management is ever enlarging. Now a day, management is used for not only managing business organisations. Management is also vital for new trend such as for managing crisis or disasters, events, and so on. The above questions focus on new trends in management with reference to professional management, event management, disaster manager, and total quality management.

The need and importance of new management trends can be briefly stated as follows:

1.      Importance of professional management: -

The importance of professional management is briefly stated as follows:

  • It helps to develop innovative ideas.
  • It facilitates team work in the organisation.
  • It ensures optimum use of resources.
  • It helps to generate higher efficiency in the organisation

2.      Importance of Disaster Management: -

The importance of disaster management is briefly stated as follows:

  •  It helps to avert a major disaster
  •  It helps to manage a disaster, if it takes place. 
  •  It undertakes various relief measures.
  •  It provides liaison facilities at the time of disasters.

3.      Importance of Event Management: -

The event management is desirable for the following reasons:

  • It facilitates proper planning of the event.
  • It enables proper organizing of resources.
  • It helps in managing the promotion of the event.
  • It enables follow-up activities relating to the event.

4.      Importance of Total Quality Management: -

 The TQM is important due to the following reasons:

  • It generates customer satisfaction.
  • It helps to produce defect free products.
  • it facilitates optimum use of resources
  • it develops team work in the organisation