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Consumer movement aims at promoting an interest of the consumers the following are the objectives of consumer movement.

1.      Protection against Malpractices: - the main objective of consumer movement is to protect the interest of the consumer from the malpractices adopted by the business community such as charging high prices, supplying inferior goods, creating artificial shortage.

2.      Educating the consumers: - consumer movement aims at educating and informing the consumer about their rights, such education makes the consumer aware of their rights.

3.      Representing Consumers: - the consumer protection organisation such as consumer guidance society of India represents on behalf of the consumers to the government authorities so as to frame proper consumer protection laws and other measures for consumer protection.

4.      Publishing unfair practices: - Consumer protection organisation publishes in various media regarding the unethical practices of the businessman.

5.      Forming of Association: - consumer movement encourages consumer to form consumer protection associations at the local level.

6.      Support to business community: - consumer movement aims at co-operation and support to the business community in dealing with their problems and difficulties

7.      Assistance in legal matters: - the Consumer protection organisation assist individual consumers in legal matters i.e. the procedure to be followed in filling a complaint in the court.

Exerting or creating pressure on businessman: - consumer movement aims at exerting a pressure on businessman and makes them more socially responsible.