Meaning: - Events play an important role in our society. Any happening or an activity can be referred as an event. Examples of event can include:
ü Celebration of a festival or any other celebration.
ü A football match between two clubs or countries.
ü A launching of a new product.
ü Farewell party to students, etc.

Definition: -Dr. J. Goldblatt defines special Event as A unique moment in time celebrated with ceremony and ritual to satisfy specific needs.

Event management is vital for the following purposes:

1.      Develops the theme of the Event: - The event management team develops the theme of the event. The theme of the event should be linked to the purpose of the event. It should develop team sprit or friendship between two clubs or states or nations. Therefore, the theme of the event may be described as ‘The friendship Series’ or ‘The Good will Series’.

2.      Provides Career Opportunities: - Event management Provides career opportunities. Apart from event manager, there are several other job opportunities in the Event management such as:
1.      Operation and Logistics managers.   2. Entertainment manager’s 3.Sponsorship managers.
     4. Event coordinator        5.Event Designer          6.Security Coordinator, etc.

3.      Develops leadership qualities: - Event management develops leadership qualities. To manage an event, the managers require good leadership qualities to influence and motivate the subordinates to work effectively in making the event more successful.

4.      Develop Team sprit: - Event management helps to develops team spirit in the employees. The success of the Event management largely depends upon the team effort. Therefore, there is need for team work between managers and their subordinates, and between the various departments in the organisation, so as to make the event more successful.

5.      Enhances Corporate Image: -Proper Event management helps to develop corporate image of an organisation. If the event is well managed, then there is a possibility of greater success.

6.      Encourages Creativity: - Event management encourages and develops creativity in the managers. Managers need to be dynamic or innovative in managing the event. The mangers have to find out new and innovative ways in managing the event.

7.      Ensures safety and security: - Event management team ensures safety and security of the people during the event. The Event management team makes proper security and safety arrangements. For instance, the event management team makes proper arrangement to deal with the certain crisis such as occurrence of fire, failure of lighting or air conditioning, gas leaks, and so on.

8.      Financial Management: -The Event management team may be responsible for the financial management of the event. The event management team may be responsible for:
·        Preparation of budget for the event.
·        Determining break-even point
·        Preparation of cash-flow analysis, and
preparation of profit and loss statement, etc.