1.       Write a speech to be delivered among your class mates, regarding blood donation.
                              Dear friends, we have one life let us make our one life more meaningful by donating blood. Blood donation is the mother of all donations. Blood donation directly gives life to another human being. It is not only saves one individual but also the entire family of that individual. A person can donate blood thrice in a year. The donated blood will be thoroughly checked and stored up in a secured form. For donating blood a person must have a weight of at least 45 kg.
                              Many people have misunderstandings about bold donation. They feel by donating blood they will fall sick. But it is not like so, the donated blood will automatically regenerate by our body itself within four to five hours after donating the blood. A person will be prohibited from donating blood if he drank alcohol during the last six hours.
                              So friends, let us put our hands together and make a promise to donate blood at least once in a year.