Introduction: -Peter Drucker ones stated. “There is only one definition of business purpose; to create customer.” The customer is the start and the success point of any business. The Survival and success of business depends on the customer’s support.

In India, Consumers face a number of problems. The main problems are as follows:

1.      False Weights and measures: -Consumers in India are cheated by traders and others with false weights and measures in unorganised as well as organised markets..

2.      Poor after-sale-service: -In India, after-sale-service is very poor. Even in the big companies also do not provide effective after sale service to its customers.

3.      Problem of duplicate Goods: -In India, the customer face a major problem of duplicate goods. Unethical producers duplicate popular brand names and thereby customers get cheated.

4.      Problem of artificial shortage: - Unethical dealers, some traders or shopkeeper indulge in artificial shortages. The purpose is to inflate the prices. Therefore, customers have to pay high due to artificial shortage of goods.

5.      Problem of Health and Safety hazards: -Another problem faced by customers in India is the problem of health hazards. There are several such examples are:

*      Certain manufacturers duplicate health related products such as medicines.

*      Shopkeepers or Traders may also sell products even after the expiry date.

6.      Unethical Advertising: -Customers are cheated with false advertising. There are several examples of unethical advertisements:

*      Tall Claims or Exaggerations.

*      Testimonials by professionals or personalities who do not even use the product. etc.

7.      Problem of Delivery of Goods: - Customers also face the problems of Delivery of goods on a specific delivery date