Question Tag.

VI. Question Tag.

1. I am in mood.
Ans. I am in mood, aren’t I?

2. Let’s go for picnic.
Ans. Let’s go for picnic, shall we?

3. Let us go for cinema.
Ans. Let us go for cinema, shall we?

4. They always come in time.
Ans. They always come in time, don’t they?

5. We sit here every day.
Ans. We sit here every day, don’t we?

6. Vijay comes here right at 5.
Ans. Vijay comes here right at 5, doesn’t he?

7. They reached here yesterday.
Ans. They reached here yesterday, didn’t they?

8. That girl got the prize.
Ans. That girl got the prize, didn’t she?

9. I am not tired.
Ans. I am not tired, am I?

10. He does not attend the school.
Ans. He does not attend the school, does he?

11. Ranji never mixes with her classmates.
Ans. Ranji never mixes with her classmates, does she?

12. You should not blame him.
Ans. You should not blame him, should you?

13. I shall go to school.
Ans. I shall go to school, shan’t I?

14. We are not telling the truth.
Ans. We are not telling the truth, are we?

15. He will go to school.
Ans. He will go to school, won’t he?

16. Bring me food.
Ans. Bring me food, will you?

17. Show me your pen.
Ans. Show me your pen, will you?

18. Stay there.
Ans. Stay there, will you?

19. Open the door.
Ans. Open the door, will you?

20. Both he and David grinned.
Ans. Both he and David grinned, didn’t they?