If there were no newspapers.

Newspapers are truly an addiction. Every morning it is delivered to your door step and you spend nearly half an hour eagerly digesting the recent happenings of the world, the country, the city and the locality. If there were no newspapers, our daily routine would be disrupted. The leisurely cup of tea would no longer taste the same. Indeed, our very mornings would no longer be the same.
The next change would be that we would be less informed about our current affairs, the political situation; the new stock marked downs and ups, etc. Adolescents would be very disturbed to find that the entertainment column is no longer at their fingertips. They would have to waste time scouting the theatres for movie of their choice. Stock marked investors would miss their favourite page with the innumerable quotations – the latest index figures of their blue shares. Others would miss their favourite comic strip, and sports enthusiasts would lament the lack of coverage about the Wimbledon series.
The T.V. and radio could be seen as valuable alternatives. Both of them would try to offer many channels and the latest news every half – an – hour. This would give us information with live video coverage but the habit of reading would be lost for ever. For many gown ups, the newspaper is truly a gateway to the world. So for these people, a world without newspaper is a disaster that must never happen!