A friend in need is a friends indeed.

Once it was raining very heavily.It didn’t seems that it would stop.there was no means of transport to my home coming that way.I wondered how I would reach home.A classmate happened by in a car,He asked me to get in and reached me to my home. From that day on he is one of my best friends.Indeed, a friends in need is a friends Indeed!

I have found that many people talk about friendship, but when you need them in the time of crises, somehow they are not to be seen anywhere. It is those who stand by you when you are really in trouble are your friends.It is these people whom you must help when they too are in trouble.Life is all about being there for others.Life is all about carrying and sharing. Do not be taken in by people who talk big and fancy words about friendship. Instead someone who renders you a service is more a friends,indeed