As you show, so shall you reap.

If a farmer desires to reap a harvest of wheat, he sows wheat; if he wants rice, he sows rice. What should we think of him if he planted wheat and expected to harvest rice, or the other way round? We would certainly consider him a mentally unsound person. The law of nature tells us that we must sow what we wish to reap. If we sow nothing, we shall reap nothing.
So it is with life. We have always to bear the consequences of our actions. If we perform good deeds, we shall be rewarded with good. If we perform bad deeds, we shall live lives of misery and wretchedness.

You cannot achieve fair ends by using foul means. Even if you do, it is short-lived. Lasting peace cannot be brought about by violent means. Good always triumphs over evil.

Man can decide his own future by his present deeds. If he sows the seeds of vice, corruption and sin, he reaps the harvest of misery and ruin. If he plants virtue, purity and goodness, he plucks the golden fruit of success and happiness. If we want to achieve good, we should do good, for as we sow, so shall we reap