Complaint letter about un - hygienic garbage near the school.

Mori Raod,
Mahim (W),
Mumbai 400 016.

The commissioner,
The Mumbai Municipal Corporation,

Subject: -Complaint letter about unhygienic garbage near our school.


I wish to draw your attention to the grave danger to the health of many children posed by the vendors, vehicles outside the General English High School, Mahim.

The waste materials and other danger things were randomly disposed by these people near our school locality without any fear. Because of these, much dirty smell is spreading over and near our school locality. Last week fifty children were down with diarrhea and some other diseases. Their sudden illness was suspected to be caused by these waste garbage’s.

The school authorities tried to prevent the garbage’s from spreading near our school’s locality but to no avail. So we are cordially requesting you to please take immediate steps to ward off this source of hazards to our health.

Yours faithfully

Date: -________________