fact file of a place of your interest keeping in mind the following.

1.        Write a fact file of a place of your interest keeping in mind the following.
a.        Name of Place
b.       Conveyance
c.        Distance from Mumbai.
d.       Climate
e.        Things to do
                Name of Place                       :               Matheran.
                Conveyance                          :               Train, Bus, Car
                Distance from Mumbai        :               90 Kms.
                Climate                                   :               Cool in Summer, Cold in winter.
                Things to do                         :               Various points to visit, Shopping clothes, cap, bag.

2.        Prepare a fact file about the place you visited during the Diwali Holidays.
                Name of the Place                :               Ooty in Tamil Nadu.
                Terrain                                   :               Plain – hills, rocky ground, very near to Coastline.
                Temperature                          :               5 to 19 degrees in winter and 20 to 25 degrees in summer.
                Modes of transport             :               Plane, Train, Bus, Car.
                Fare                                        :               Depends on the distance from other places and the mode of transport choosen.
                Food                                       :               Rice, Idli, Dosa.
                Sightseeing                           :               Dolphin nose, Flower Garden, Government Botanical Garden, Doddabetta, The
Mukkurthi Peak & National Park, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Pykara, Deer Park.
                Shopping                               :               Handicraft and specific paintings made by the local residents, Special goodies for the
festival are made available, clothes are available in specific local variety which has the
essence of the prevalent culture of the place.
                Entertainment                       :               Boating, surfing, go – karting, bungee diving, paragliding, trekking, river rafting, fishing.