8A, Heaven Colony,
                                                                                                            Dharavi (E),
                                                                                                            Mumbai - 400 017.
                                                                                                            13 th July, 2010
Dear friend,

                        I received your letter confirming your decision to spend this vacation with us. We were all eagerly waiting to see you. However, you have mentioned in your letter about our Joint Family system and its disadvantages like no privacy, lots of work every day, need to get permission for outing, need to adjust with everyone to avoid problems.

                       But, friend in every system there are some advantages and disadvantages. You have seen only the demerits of joint family system; let me explain its wonderful advantages. You have persons to look after you. Works can be shared. Expenses can be shared. Guidance will be there. Helping – hands are always there in your sorrow. Your happiness will be doubled when it shared with them. Caring will be there. Relationship will be improved. Responsibility will be there.  If you are sick no need to depend on hotels. Someone else will cook for you. Always remember this, the beauty about the Indian culture lies in its age-long prevailing tradition of the joint family system.

                       I hope you will find nice spending time with us in this vacation and also understand the importance of joint family system. I am eagerly waiting for the date to receive you from the railway station.
                                                                                                                  Yours lovingly,