Meaning: -Use of Employment tests is fairly widespread in manpower selection. Employment tests provide a systematic basis for selection. The various tests are:

1.       Performance Test: -This test tries to measure the performance of candidates in respect of a certain job. It is specially designed to measure specific skills and knowledge required for a job. For example, an accountant may be asked to prepare balance sheet from the details.

2.       Personality Test: -It is conducted to judge the personality of the candidate. Personality is the sum total of physical, mental and social qualities. This test is very much essential in case of selection of sales force, public relations staff, etc., where personality plays an important role.

3.       Aptitude Test: -It helps to judge specific talent or skill to handle a particular type of job. For instance, some persons may have good aptitude for selling, other for accounting and so on. This type of test helps the company to select the right candidate who is best suited for the job.

4.       Interest Test: - This test is conducted to find out likes and dislikes of candidates towards occupations, hobbies, etc. it indicates the occupation which is more in line with a person’s interest.

5.       Projective Test: -This test requires interpretation of problems or situations. For example, a photograph or a picture can be shown to the candidates and they are asked to give their views and opinions about the picture.

6.       Intelligence Test: - These tests help to evaluate taints of intelligence. Mental ability, presence of mind (alertness), numerical ability, memory and such other aspects can be measured; such tests are used for admission to MBA courses, recruitment for executive positions in banks and other organizations.

7.       General Knowledge Test: - Now-a-days, G.K. Tests are very common to find general awareness of the candidates in the field of sports, politics, world affairs, current affairs, etc. it is assumed that candidates who are good in G.K. do keep in touch with latest developments.

8.       Perception Test: - At times, perception test can be conducted to find out beliefs, attitudes, etc., of the candidates towards certain objects, issues, situations, etc.