Brave Women Nab Thief

Mumbai, 25th September, 2011
            Social Security and safety seem to have perished in our city these days. Many thefts have been reported during the past week. In one such incident, a thief who broke into homes that were locked or snatched valuables from people especially at crossings was caught by two women in Laluseth Marg.
            It has been reported that as these two women emerged from the bank, he snatched one of their bags in which a sum of rupees twenty thousands was kept. The women raised an alarm and together with the general public chased him until he was caught within a few yards ahead. he confessed having kept a close watch on their movements especially at the time of withdrawal of cash from the bank.
           The thief, a youth from Thane, was handed over to the police where he confessed all his criminal activities. He was placed in the lock - op and a case has been registered against him. The police authorities appreciated the efforts of the two women.