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Do as directed:

Do as directed:
1.      Smith: Good Morning, Mr. Jones. It is a long time since I saw you in town.
Jones: Good Morning, Mr. Smith. I only came up for business for few hours. (Rewrite in Indirect Speech)
Ans. Smith wished Jones a good morning and added that it had been a long time since he had seen him in town. Jones greeted Smith in return and explained that he had come to town for business for just a few hours.
2.      I received his message ________ 8 o’ clock ________ the morning. (Insert suitable prepositions)
Ans. I received his message at 8 o’ clock in the morning.
3.      You _____________ (needn’t, mustn’t, won’t) light a match, the room is full of gas. (choose the correct alternative and complete the sentence)
Ans. You mustn’t light a match, the room is full of gas.
4.      Expand the abbreviations given below.
                                                                          i.      I.A.S.                    ii. L.L.B.
Ans. i. I.A.S. – Indian Administrative Service.
            L.L.B. – Bachelor of Letters and Law.
5.      I like that picture hanging _________ the wall __________ the kitchen.
Ans. I like that picture hanging on the wall of the kitchen.
6.      There is _________ beautiful garden behind _________ house. (Insert suitable articles in the blanks and rewrite the sentence)
Ans. There is a beautiful garden behind the house.
7.      Change the following telephonic conversation into indirect speech:
Kavita: Hello! May I speak to Mayank?
Avinash : Hello Kavita, Mayank will come late today!
Ans. Kavita greeted Avinash over the telephone and requested speak to Mayank. Avinash reciprocated the greeting and stated that Mayank would come late that day.