English Comprehension with answers

Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions given below.
                That Monday at school, Keryn sat with her chip propped up on one hand. “You’re looking very thoughtful today, Keryn,” said her teacher, Mrs. Ngeru.
                As soon as she got home, Keryn hurried to her bedroom mirror. The spot was bigger. She could see if even she stood right back from her mirror, against her bedroom wall.
                She look a book, curled up on the corner of the living room sofa, and tried to forget about her chin. She was still reading when her father came home from work half an hour later.
                “That’s a nice little spot you’ve found there, love,” he said. Keryn jumped up and slammed into her room.
                “What’s the matter? What did I say?” She heard her father asking behind her.
                At dinner that night, Keryn said she didn’t want any lemon meringue, thank you. She’d just have a raw carrot instead.
                “You want to be careful of those raw carrots,” Jason told Keryn while he ate her share of the lemon meringue. “They might be good for your skin, but they make your teeth grow, and your ears get all long and floppy.”
1.       What upset Keryn on a Monday morning?
Keryn was upset that Monday morning because when she looked at herself in the mirror she observed that the spot on her chin was bigger and could be seen even when she stood right back from her mirror against her bedroom wall.
2.       Why did her father’s comment bother her?
Her father referred to the cozy spot, she had found on the living room sofa, but the very word ‘spot’ made her think of the spot on her chin. This upset Keryn.
3.       How did Jason tease Keryn?
Jason told his sister Keryn in a joking manner that eating raw carrots was good but she had to go slow because, though that particular food may be good for skin, it could also make her teeth grow and her ears get long and floppy, just like a rabbit’s.
4.       a. She would just have a carrot. (Rewrite as a Negative sentence)
She would have nothing else except a carrot.
b.       The spot was bigger than the night before. (Change into Positive Degree)
The spot was not as big the night before as it was today.
5.       a. Keryn hurried to her bedroom mirror. (Rewrite the sentence using the noun form of the underlined verb)
Keryn moved in a hurry to her bedroom mirror.
b. Supply homophones for the words given below.
i. sea       ii. be.
i. sea – sea                                             ii. be – bee.
6.       In what way do you consider Keryn and Jason as typical teenagers?
Both Keryn and Jason are forever fighting with each other and teasing each other just like typical teenage brothers and sisters. They get satisfaction and delight in pulling each other’s legs. Keryn like a typical teenage girl is so obsessed by the small pimple (spot) on her chin that she keeps looking into the mirror all the time. At the moment her entire life revolved around that spot.