How You Can Improve English : conversation between a teacher and a student

Student : I want to improve my English but I am unable to do it.
Teacher : What is the problem?
Students : I hesitate while speaking. Sentences do not come in my mind and I just fall flat.
Teacher : Do you practice grammar?
Student : I practice now and then.
Teacher : You need to practice it daily as it will help you in speaking.
Student : How will it help me?
Teacher : Sentences will automatically come in your mind if you know grammar as grammar will help your mind construct sentences as a result you will be able to speak with out hesitation.
Student : My friend practices grammar daily still he is unable to speak fluently. What is the reason?
Teacher : Only having the knowledge of grammar is not enough. We need to practice speaking daily to master the language. How many hours does he speak?
Student : He does not speak much.
Teacher : How can you expect him to be a fluent speaker. I advise both of you to speak English very often. Be sure soon you will be fluent in English speaking. English is very easy language and can be learnt. You just need to put your sincere efforts.
Student : Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I will act upon your advice.