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Board Question Paper September 2008 Secretarial Practice

September 2008
Secretarial Practice
Time : 3 Hours Marks : 100
Q. 1 (A) Select the proper option from the option given below the rewrite the
sentences: (5)[15]
  1. _______ is the oldest Stock Exchange in Asia.
    1. Bombay Stock Exchange
(b) National Stock Exchange
(c) Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
  1. A call should not exceed ________ of the face value of the share.
    1. 10% (b) 15% (c) 25%
  2. The capital with which a company is registered is called _________.
    1. Authorised Capital (b) Issued Capital (c) Subscribed Capital
  3. Dividend declared between two Annual General Meetings is called _________.
    1. Final Dividend (b) Interim Dividend (c) Unclaimed Dividend
  4. The Annual Return should be iled with the Registrar of Companies within ________ days from the day of each general meeting.
    1. 30 (b) 45 (c) 60
(B) Match the following pairs: (5)
Group 'A'
Group 'B'
    1. Debentures
    2. Stock Exchange
    3. Re-materailisation
    4. Stock
    5. Recommendation of Dividend
      1. Fully paid up shares
      2. Partly paid up shares
      3. Shareholders
      4. Board of Directors
      5. Primary market
      6. Secondary market
      7. Transfer of share from Demat form to Certificate form
      8. Transfer of share certificate in electronic form
      9. Fixed rate of interest
(10) Fixed rate of dividend
(C) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences: (5)
1. The _________ report is prepared before Statutory Meeting.
2. A letter of forfeiture is sent by ________ post.
3. An intermediary between the Investors and Depository is _________.
4. Debentures issued by creating charge over assets are ________.
5. Dividend is declared by the shareholders at the _________ meeting.
Q. 2 Write short notes on the following: (any THREE): [15]
1. Committee Report.
2. Functions of Stock Exchange.
3. Bonus Shares.
4. Provisions regarding unpaid / unclaimed dividend.
Q. 3 Distinguish between the following: (any THREE) : [15]
1. Shareholders and Debentureholders.
2. Share Certificate and Share Warrant.
3. Letter of Allotment and Letter of Regret.
4. Annual Report and Progress Report.
Q. 4 State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons.
(Any THREE): [15]
  1. All reports are prepared by secretary.
  2. Risk of bad delivery arises due to Depository.
  3. Debentureholders are the creditors of the company.
  4. Statutory Books are not compulsory for every company.
Q. 5 Write short answers of the following. (Any TWO): [10]
1. State the circumstances under which a secretary is required to write a letter to
the members.
2. What internal factors will you consider while framing Dividend Policy?
3. State the contents of minutes.
Q.6 Answer the following: [10]
What are Equity Shares? Explain the features of Equity / Ordinary Shares.
What is Deposit? Explain the important provisions in the Companies Act pertaining
to the deposits.
Q. 7 Answer the following: [10]
Explain the procedure for the issue of debentures.
What are the provisions of the companies Act about maintenance of Register of Members.
Q. 8 Answer the following: [10]
Prepare a letter for payment of interest to the depositor.