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March 2009 Secretarial Practice

March 2009
Secretarial Practice
Time : 3 Hours Marks : 100
Q. 1 (A) Select the proper option from the option given below the rewrite the
sentences: (5)[15]
  1. A person who purchases shares of a Company is known as _________.
    1. Creditor (b) Debtor (c) Owner
  2. A Company can accept deposits for a maximum period of _________ years.
    1. Two (b) Three (c) Five
  3. Dividend declared must be paid within __________ days.
    1. 30 (b) 21 (c) 90
  4. Stock Exchange function under the control and supervision of __________.
    1. General public (b) Members of the company (c) S.E.B.I.
  5. __________ Report is sent to shareholders alongwith the notice of Annual General Meeting.
    1. Directors (b) Progress (c) Committee
(B) Match the pairs: (5)
Group 'A'
Group 'B'
    1. Stock
    2. Convertible debentures
    3. Declaration of dividend
    4. Duration of call notice
    5. Consent to act as Director
      1. Partly paid-up shares.
      2. At Annual General Meeting.
      3. 21 days notice to the shareholder
      4. Converted into preference shares
      5. A statutory meeting
      6. 14 days notice to the shareholder
      7. Converted into equity shares
      8. Form No. 29.
      9. Form No. 32.
(10)Fully paid-up shares.
(C) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences: (5)
1. The term 'Debenture' is derived from the Latin word ___________.
2. If a share of Rs.100 is issued at Rs.100, then it is said to be issued at _________.
3. Bonus shares are issued out of __________ profits.
4. Letter of allotment is exchanged for _________.
5. The 'National Stock Exchange' of India was incorporated in the year _________.
Q. 2 Write short notes on the following: (Any THREE): [15]
1. Ploughing back of profits.
2. Dividend
3. Repayment of deposits.
4. Acceptance of deposits.
Q. 3 Distinguish between the following: (Any THREE): [15]
1. Shares and Stock.
2. Call letter and Letter of forfeiture.
3. Shares and Debentures.
4. Final Dividend and Interim Dividend.
Q. 4 State with reasons whether the following statements are True or False.
(Any THREE): [15]
  1. Bonus shares are offered only to general public.
  2. Dividend can be declared even if a company suffers a loss in that particular year.
  3. Regret letter is often sent to the members.
  4. Maintenance of 'Register of Members' is optional for a Company.
Q. 5 Write short answers of the following. (Any TWO): [10]
1. State the condition to be satisfied for placement of calls on shares.
2. State the essentials of Report writing.
3. State the functions of Stock Exchange.
Q.6 What is Debentures? Explain the procedure relating to issue of debentures. [10]
What is Capital? Explain the different sources of capital of a Joint Stock Company.
Q. 7 Explain the role of Company Secretary in maintaining Statutory Books, Filling Forms
and Returns. [10]
What is Dematerialisation? Explain the procedure for Dematerialisation.
Q. 8 As a Secretary of the 'ABC Company Limited, Aurangabad', draft a letter for Allotment
of Shares. [10]