Active and Passive voice

Active and Passive voice
1.       Friendship requires special nourishing.
Special nourishing is required by friendship.
2.       Treat your friends as equals.
Let your friends be treated as equals.
3.       A real friend warms you by is presence.
You are warmed by the presence of a real friend.
4.       Did he speak English?
Was English spoken by him.
5.       Otto advised me to get books about Judaism.
I was advised by Otto to get books about Judaism.
6.       Otto Frank’s vision of hope gave my husband and me the courage to become parents.
My husband and I were given the courage to become parents by Otto Frank’s vision of hope.
7.       The young writer told Otto of her horrifying background.
Otto was told by the young writer of her horrifying background.
8.       His next words convinced me.
I was convinced by his next words.
9.       Your children made me feel at home.
I was made to feel at home by your children.
10.    Dad turned off the T.V.
The T.V. was turned off by Dad.
11.    She said her prayers.
Her prayers were said by her.
12.    Her application for loan was sanctioned.
They sanctioned her application for a loan.
13.    Kantabai bought buffaloes with her part of the loan.
Buffaloes were bought by Kantabai with her part of the loan.
14.    Maggu rejected the advice.
The advice was rejected by Maggu.
15.    Delhi’s Bluebells school not only admitted her but pulled out all stops to support her.
She was not only admitted by Delhi’s Bluebells school, but all stops were pulled out to support her.
16.    I took the first two pitches as the count reached one ball and one strike.
The first two pitches were taken by me as the count reached one ball and one strike.
17.    The fast ball was delivered over the inside corner.
He delivered the fast ball over the inside corner.
18.    He took out a sheet of paper.
A sheet of paper was taken out by him.
19.    At the end of ten days, he had sold sever telephones.
At the end of ten days, seven telephones had been sold by him.
20.    He put action to his goals.
Action was put to his goals by him.
21.    Cowboy had made millions of dollars.
Millions of dollars had been made by the cowboy.