Grammar TestThe

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  1. The camera sees a picture. 
  2. The Gopal hasn't passed the exam. 
  3. You hold your bag. 
  4.  The men played cricket. 
  5. I am writing H.W.
  6. Blinking nervously the teacher started to explain.
  7. Close the door. 
  8. Let us have dinner together. 
  9. You should not have scolded the child. 
  10. She had two bags. 

Rewrite the following sentences into Reported Speech. 

  1. She said, "I am very busy now."
  2. He said, "My grandfather is reading the book."
  3. He said, "I have passed the exam."
  4. Teacher said, "Tottachan opened the desk."
  5. She said, "My brother was reading a book".
  6. He said, "The Sun in a Star."
  7. He says, "I can speak French."
  8. he said to her, "I know you and your brother",
  9. He said to me, "You are a nice boy."
  10. He said, "What a bright boy Shankar!"
  11. He said, "Good morning Hari! How are you?"
  12. The visitor said to him, "Is your father at home?"
  13. He said to me, "Have you done all the sums?"
  14. The children said, "Hurrah! We have won the match!"
  15. The man said to the T.C., "When will this train leave?"

Degree of comparison

  1. Australia is the largest island in the world. 
  2. Akbar was one of the greatest king in India. 
  3. Beans are as nutritious as Soya. 
  4. Rahul is taller than Ram. 
Remove 'too'

  1. It is too hot. 
  2. he is too proud to beg. 
  3. he was too late to hear the first speech. 
  4. She is too smart not to see through your tickets. 
  5. This tree is too high for me to climb. 
No sooner ............ than

  1. Mumbai is bigger than Calcutta.
  2. She was too fat to climb the tree. 
  3. it is the only thing that can save the city. 
  4. It is usual for 60,000 people to visit the zoo. 
  5. God will remember the cry of the humble. 
Make it Assertive

  1. How can one man save the city?
  2. is this the kind of dress to wear in school?
  3. Why shouldn't someone talk to the Principal?
  4. Who does not know the owl?
  5. Why waster time in this fruitless occupation?