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TIME: - 3 hours                                                                           MARKS: - 100

organisation of commerce and management
Avoid cancellation, write neatly and quickly

Q. 1 (A) Select the suitable alternatives from the following and rewrite the sentence:    5 marks
(Complete within 5 minutes) 11.00 to 11.05
  1. Minimum __________________ members are required to register Co-operative Society. ( Seven, Ten, Two)
  2. Sole trading operates in __________ market. (National, local, regional)
  3. Government Companies is owned and managed by the __________________ (Individual, Government, Minister)
  4. _________________ is the link between the past, present and future. (Planning, controlling, Directing)
  5. Factors like customs and traditions, festivals, faith of the community, life style, and caste system are the factors included in the _____________ environment. (Political, Social, Economical)

      (B) Match the Pairs:                 5 marks          (Complete within 5 minutes) 11.05 to 11.10

  1. Co-operative management
  2. Top level management
  3. Unity o Command
  4. Globalisation
  5. Professional management
  1. Order from one superior
  2. World economy
  3. Use modern technology
  4. Formulation of policies
  5. Democratic management
  6. Registered Agreement
  7. Balancing different functions
  8. Offering Services
  9. Written or Oral
  10. 1950

      (C) Fill in the Blanks:                 5 marks    (Complete within 5 minutes) 11.10 to 11.15

  1. _________________ is an art of getting things done through others.
  2. ________________ is the highest authority under the Consumer Protection Act to settle the disputes of the consumer.
  3. Event management is a _________________ activity.
  4. ______________ refers to human conduct in business.
  5. World Trade Organisation is a ________________ body.

Q. 2 Write short notes on (any three) -     11.15 to 11.45                                15 marks.

  1. Principles of management
  2. Explain about Unity of Command
  3. Disaster Management
  4. Consumer Rights

Q. 3 Distinguish Between: (any Three): -           11.45 to 12.15                    15 marks.

  1. Private Sector V/S Public Sector
  2. State Commission V/S National Commission
  3. Administration V/S Management
  4. Departmental Undertaking V/S Government Company

Q. 4 State whether the following statements are true or false: - (Any Three): -    12.15 to 12.40   15 marks.

  1. The membership of a joint Hindu Family enjoys equal management rights.
  2. Liberalisation has no draw backs.
  3. Consumer movement is gaining momentum in India.
  4. Management is a Profession.

Q. 5 Answer the following questions in short: - (any Two): -               12.40 to 01.00     10 marks.

  1. Explain the need and importance of planning
  2. Explain need and importance of Liberalisation
  3. Explain the importance of Professional management

Q. 6Define Partnership firm? Explain Features of Partnership firm?    01.00 to 01.20         10 marks
         Define Multinational Companies explain its Characteristics

Q. 7Define management? Explain the Its Characteristics          01.20 to 01.40                  10 marks
         Explain the Functions of Management

Q. 8 Explain the responsibility of Business Organisation towards
             Shareholders and Society.                                              01.40 to 02.00              10 marks


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உளுந்து பாயாசம்

ரொம்ப ஒல்லியா இருக்கீங்களா இதை மட்டும் குடிங்க.

மருத்துவ குணம் நிறைந்த கற்பூரவள்ளியில் பஜ்ஜி செய்யலாமா?

சத்துமிக்க அவரைக்காய் வெந்தயக்கீரை பருப்பு கூட்டு

சத்தான காலை நேர உணவு.. அரிசி மாவு புட்டு!

சாஃப்ட் இட்லி: பிசுபிசுன்னு ஒட்டாமல் இருக்கும் ரகசியம் இதுதான்!

பல நோய்களை தீர்த்து, உடலுக்கு அற்புத ஆற்றலை வழங்கும் துளசி.!

பிசி பெலே பாத் - சாம்பார் சாதம் - செய்முறை (தமிழில்)

உடலில் உள்ள கெட்ட கொழுப்புகளை கரைக்க கூடிய உணவுகள்...!

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எலுமிச்சை சாறு பருகுவதால் உண்டாகும் பயன்கள்...!

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