Question tag

Question tag
1.       But they had no money, hadn't they?
2.       We need persons to talk, laugh and play together, don't we?
3.       Some are afraid to make friends, aren't they?
4.       Friendship requires special nourishing.
5.       Give and receive, will you?
6.       I identified strongly with this eloquent girl, didn't I?
7.       Otto advised me to get books on Judaism, didn't he?
8.       Life goes on, doesn't it?
9.       Otto has left me and all his friends, hasn't he?
10.    Yet his voice was pleasant, wasn't it?
11.    He wasn’t complaining, was he?
12.    He won’t mind starting in this small body, will he?

Do it for yourself 

13.    The house is quiet.
14.    Yes, it is a new beginning for us too.
15.    I thank God for all the mothers in the world.
16.    She then put some wet clothes in the dryer.
17.    The money was shared among the eleven members.
18.    Her complaint was taken seriously by the authorities.
19.    They plan to set up a small shop in Shelu.
20.    I want to be the best sports journalist ever.
21.    It was a tough regimen.
22.    I believe in constantly raising the bar for myself.
23.    My performance was taking a turn for the worse.
24.    I felt everything from self pity to loneliness.
25.    Mom and I broke down.