1.        Each Company must issue________________
2.        A Company is required to issue debenture certificate within _________ months from the date of allotment of debenture.
3.        Dividend refers to the share of the members of the company in the ______________________ profit.
4.        Deposits are known as ___________________________of the Company
5.        The __________________ has power to rectify the register of Members.
6.        Registered document of title to shares is known as_______________________.
7.        If a share ofRs10 is issued for Rs 11 it is said to be issued at ____________________________.
8.        The Permission of the_______________________ is required to for issue of bearer debentures.
9.        In India, Bear is known as ____________________.
10.     A Company need to follow the rules stated in the __________________ before the declaration and payment of Dividend.
11.     A Shareholder is a_______________ of a joint stock company
12.     An institution which records share certificates in e electronic form is known as ______________________________.
13.     The distribution of bonus shares leads to __________________ of the Profit.
14.     An acknowledgement of debt is issued by a company under its common seal is called ___________________ certificate.
15.     A company accepts the deposits from the general public to full fill the needs of __________________ capital.
16.     A ____________________is a sub-division of the capital of the company.
17.     The Capital with which a company is registered is called the ___________________________ of the company.
18.     Issued capital is a part of _______________________capital.
19.     The rate of dividend is fixed on _________________________ shares.
20.     The share capital of a joint stock company is known as _____________________.
21.     A shareholder is a _____________________of a joint stock company.
22.     Only ___________________ shareholders are entitled to get bonus shares.
23.     The shares which are redeemed after a particular period are called____________________________.
24.     _____________________ preference shares get arrears of divided also
25.     A person who purchases debentures of a company is known as _____________________________.
26.     A Debenture holder is a __________________of a joint stock company.
27.     _____________________debenture are issued by creating charge over assets.
28.      A Debenture holder gets _________________________ from the company.
29.     Every company with share capital is required to issue _________________________ shares.
30.     A bundle of fully paid shares put together for convenience is called _________________________________.
31.     Investment of present and past profit into business itself is called __________________________ of the profit.
32.     A public company has to publish ______________________________ before issuing shares to the public.
33.     If the shares of Rs10 are issued for Rs 11, it is said to be issued at________________________________.
34.     If the shares of Rs10 are issued for Rs 9, it is said to be issued at________________________________.
35.     A share warrant is a ____________________document of title to the shares of a company.
36.     A call should not exceed _______________________________ of the nominal value of the shares.
37.     Every public company must raise the _______________________ subscription.
38.     A letter of ______________________ is always accompanied by the necessary refund order for application money.
39.     The Gap between two consecutive calls on shares of a company must not be less than ______________________.
40.     ___________________ Shares are distributed free of charge to the existing shareholders.
41.     Share Certificate should be ready for distribution within _______ months from the date of allotment of shares.
42.     A share warrant cannot be issued by a _____________________ company
43.     Irregular allotment is voidable at the option of________________________.  
44.     Before the forfeiture of shares, the company has to give ______days notice td defaulting member.
45.     A notice of forfeiture is sent to the defaulting member by ______________________ post.
46.     Fully paid shares cannot be ______________________ to the company.
47.     ______________________ is exchanged for a new share certificate.
48.     ______________________ means voluntarily return of shares by the shareholder to the company.
49.     Transfer of shares by the operation of law is called _______________________________-.
50.     For transmission of shares, certificates’ regarding ________________________ is required.
51.      Shares are forfeited, when ____________________________ is not paid in time.
52.     The _____________________has power t issue debentures.
53.     The Permission of the _______________________required for the issue of bearer debentures.
54.     On debentures, interest is paid at ___________________ rate.
55.     The Debentures which are convertible into equity shares are called ___________________________debentures.
56.     Depositories Act was passed in the year ____________________.
57.     An institution or an organization which works as depository must be registered with the institution called ____________.
58.     It is an obligatory for an organization which works as a depository to get registered with _____________________.
59.     The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) was established in the year ___________________.
60.     The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) works as _______________________________.
61.     An institution which records share certificate in the electronic form is known as ____________________________.
62.     For conversion of shares from physical form into electronic form, the applicant is required to fill in _________________.
63.      An institution which records share certificate in the electronic form is known as _________________________.

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