History Civics Question Paper Unit Test

Q1. Complete the following statements by choosing appropriate alternatives from the brackets.
1.       The seven years war concluded with the Treaty of _____________ (London, Paris, Newyork)
2.       The _____________ of 1764 was passed by the British Parliament. (Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Import Act)
3.       Montesquieu was a _________________ by profession. (doctor, lawyer, teacher)

Q2. Give reasons in 20 to 25 words.
1.       Rousseau was regarded as the prophet of French revolution.
2.        Louis XVI was guillotined on 25st January, 1793.
3.       The British Parliament was forced to repeal the 'Stamp Act'.
4.       The period of 1750 – 1850 is called the age of revolution.

Q3. Answer in any one of the following in 5 to 6 sentences.
1.       What were the consequences of the American war of independence?
2.       What were the effect of the French Revolution?

Q4. Answer the following questions in 25 to 30 words.
1.       What subjects are included in the union list?
2.       What is meant by Quorum?
3.       Explain the subjects included in the concurrent list.
4.       What are the qualifications for membership of the Lok Sabha?
5.       Explain the qualification prescribed for the membership of the Rajya Sabha?