Science preliminary paper MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD

Science preliminary paper MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD
Section A
Q1. Solve the following:                    7 Marks
i. If 3 Ω, 4 Ω and 5 Ω are connected in series then the equivalent resistance is _____________.
ii. Match the column:
Column A
Column B
1. Concave mirror
2. Convex lens
a. Microscope
b. Solar furnace
c. Rear view mirrors

iii. Find odd man out:
            1. Sodium carbonate, Copper sulphate, Sodium bicarbonate.
            2. Boron, Silicon, Arsenic, Sodium.

iv. What is SI unit of potential difference?
v. Define potential difference.

Q2. Answer the following sub questions:    6 marks
            i. Distinguish between convex mirror and concave mirror.
            ii. The melting point of filament of a bulb is very high. Why?
            iii. A simple microscope is used by watch repairers. Why?

Q3. Answer Any Four of the following questions: 12 marks
            i. Write a note on indicators with proper example.
            ii. What do you understand by the term redox reaction? Explain with one example.
            iii. It is possible to enjoy a rainbow at fountains in any season. Why?
            iv.        a. Define electric motor.
                         b. Explain why alloys like alnico or nippermag are used in industry.
            v. Explain the features of modern periodic table.

Q4. Answer any one of the following questions:    5 marks
            i.   Explain the construction, working and uses of Electric motor.
            ii. Find the expression for the resistance connected in series, how are the appliances                            connected at home? Why?

Section B.
Q5. (A) Fill in the blanks:                 3 marks
            i. The digested food is absorbed by the ________ in the small intestine.
            ii. __________ is the largest gland in the body.
            iii. Brain is the main ______________ centre of the body.

(B) Answer in one sentence              4 marks
            i. Components of central nervous system.
            ii. Vestigial organs or structures found in human.
            iii. What is catenation.
            iv. The crystalline allotropes of carbon.

Q6 . (A) Give scientific reasons:       4 marks
            i. Translocation is needed in all higher tall plants.
            ii. A plant kept near a window bends towards light.
Q6. (B) Distinguish between : 2 marks
Transpiration and Translocation.

Q7. Answer any four of the following questions: 12 marks
            i. Explain Darwin's theory of evolution.
            ii. How are fats digested in human body?
            iii. Explain co – ordination in plants.
            iv. State and explain how alkanes are further classified.
            v. How can one change the property of metals which are corrosive and prevent them from             getting corroded? Explain giving an example.

Q8. Answer in detail (Any one)        5 marks
            i. With the help of a diagram describe the various parts of a flower.
            ii. Write any five Application of Convex lens.

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