English Passage Board Exam SSC

Q.1. (C) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below :
tto Frank's vision of hope gave my husband and me the courage to become parents. We had two sons, Ethan and Jeese. My trip to Switzerland was the first time I had been away from them. The train was slowing. The conductor announced the stop and the doors flew open. I looked into the crowd and saw a man with a straight back and rugged face. Snow-white hair surrounded a balding head. A tall, elderly man, still strong and handsome. It was really him. Otto Frank.
"Cara! At last!" he said warmly. I was actually hugging him. A real bearhug. Thank God. No formal handshakes or polite hellos. Suddenly a little shy, he put his arm in mine. Fritzi linked my other arm, and we walked off.
When I stepped into the Frank's house, I felt that I was home. Otto took me into their little study. A pile of fresh mail lay stacked on his desk. He showed me wall-to-wall notebooks bursting with letters. Then Otto brought out another notebook. "These are your letters, Cara. I saved them all." I couldn't believe it. I was facing myself through twenty years of letters. I saw my twelve year old's scrawl evolve into an adult's script and then change to typewritten pages. Masses of exclamation points and underlinings, outpourings of feeling. Then Otto said, "You are not the only one to write all these years."
Smiling, he told me about some of the others. There was Sumi from Japan, who had lost her father. She read Anne's diary and was moved to write to Otto. She told him that she would like to become his "Letter-daughter" and signed all her letters "Your daughter, Sumi." Otto advised her through the years. Then there was John Neiman who, as a college student, reread Anne Frank : The Diary of a Young Girl and wrote to Mr Frank. Otto told him, "If you want to honour Anne's memory and the people that died, do what Anne wanted so very much-do good for other people."
Questions :
1. Besides Cara, whom did Otto write to?
2. How did Otto greet Cara?
3. Why had Otto saved all of Cara’s letters?
4. (a) Otto advised her through the years. (Change the underlined word into a noun form the sentence)
(b) It was really him. (Make it Interrogative)
5. (i) Write two compound words from the passage. (ii) Make sentences : (a) brought out (b) stacked on
6. How would you have felt in Cara’s place?

1. Besides Cara, Otto wrote to Sumi from Japan and John Neiman, a college student.
2. Otto greeted Cara with a lot of warmth and eagerness and gave her a real bearhug. There were no formal handshakes or polite hellos as Cara had feared.
3. Otto had saved all of Cara’s letters as each person who wrote to him was significant to him.
4. (a) Otto gave her advice through the years. (b) Wasn’t it really him?
5. (i) (a) letter - daughter, (b) snow – white      (ii) (a) brought out - The lawyer brought out all the documents, as evidence before the jury. (b) stacked on - Old newspapers were stacked on the sofa and all across the room.
6. I would have felt on the top of the world, absolutely elated on receiving such a warm welcome from Otto. It would have been like a father-daughter re-union. In Indian style, I would have touched Otto Frank’s feet as a mark of respect for an elder