English Passage for board exam SSC

Q.1. (A) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below :
antabai Wali laughs heartily as she declares she is an ‘angutha chhap’ who cannot even sign her name. Yet as this woman from one of the most backward regions of Maharashtra expounds on her latest business venture, cattle rearing, she demonstrates her ease in the world of micro-financing and marketing.
Kantabai is the president of the Nalanda Bachatghat Gat, a selfhelp group (SHG), that was loaned Rs. 4 lakh by the State Bank of Hyderabad in Parbhani. The money was shared among the 11 members of the group for various income-generating activities such as buffalo-rearing, goat-raising, welding, vermiculture and candle and aggarbatti making. Jayshree Pandurang Kamble, another recipient of the loan, sifts compost made from vermiculture through her fingers and announces that she will not only make a profit but carve out her own brand name. “I will not sell my compost to any company because no one will associate my name with the compost. Even if there is an initial loss I will sell it under my own name,” she declares.
These women of Kundi Village in Pathri taluka, who formed self-help groups two years ago, were able to translate their collective savings into a bank loan, thanks to ‘Sankalp Manav Sanstha’, a nongovernmental development organization.

Questions :
1. What is Kantabai Wali’s business venture?
2. Why does Jayshree Kamble not want to sell the compost to any company? What is her plan ?
3. Why does Kantabai Wali laugh?
4. (a) Kantabai laughs heartily. (Add a Question Tag)
(b) She is an angutha chhap, who cannot sign her name. (Analyse the Clause and state the relation)
5. (i) Write 2 compound words from the passage. (ii) Write the antonyms of : (a) profit (b) rural
6. Write down some qualities that are required for a small enterprise. Explain how these qualities would help the enterprise to grow.


A.1. (A) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below :

1. Kantabai Wali's business venture is cattle rearing.
2. Jayshree Kamble wants to create her own brand name so she does not want to sell the compost to any company because no one will relate her name with the compost.
3. Inspite of being an illiterate, Kantabai Wali has undertaken a business venture and also has knowledge of finance and marketing. Thus she laughs at the irony of the situation.
4. (a) Kantabai laughs heartily, doesn’t she? (b) She is an angutha chhap - Main Clause. who cannot sign her name - Adjective Clause qualifying the noun ‘an angutha chhap’.
5. (i) (a) cattle-rearing (b) income-generating. (ii) (a) loss (b) urban
6. For a small enterprise one should have a sound knowledge of business, should be ready to take risks, he should be hard-working, sincere and focused in his work. This will help the enterprise to grow to a great extent.