Write a letter to your pen friend in Mauritius asking him to come and participate in your elder brother’s wedding, mentioning some interesting events that will be part of the wedding celebrations.

NO. 7/G, Heaven colony,
M.G. Road,
Mumbai – 400024
23rd, February, 2013.
Dear XYZ,

It was a pleasant surprise to receive your letter. It is heartening to note that you still love and remember your motherland from where your grandfather had migrated to Mauritius in 1950. I take this opportunity to invite you and your parents to the wedding of my elder brother, Raj. It is fixed for 5th November. You will enjoy your home coming. You will see how an Indian wedding is celebrated.

The marriage party will leave for Nasik on 5th November. You would love to see this lovely place. The wedding itself will have many interesting features. An orchestra team and a dance party have been booked to entertain the gathering. The marriage will be celebrated with traditional gaiety, and pomp and show. The wedding ceremonies will go on all through the night. I am sure you will enjoy being an honoured guest at these. I shall feel obliged if you come and attend the wedding celebrations.
Yours lovingly,