Letter asking bank to stop payment of cheque

114, S.V. Road, Mumbai – 400 056.

Ref. No. SP/06                                                                                                Date: - 5th Feb., 2006

The Manager,
Canara Bank,
Mumbai – 400 012.

Dear Sir,

           Sub: - Stop payment of cheque No. 5610 Current Account No CA 38329

This has reference to our telephonic instructions with your bank this morning regarding the stop payment of a cheque issued by us.

Please stop payment of Cheque No. 5610 dated 4thFeb., 2006. Drawn in favour of V. Kalpana for Rs
1, 00,000 (Rupees One Lakhonly). The cheque is drawn against our Current Account No. 38329 with your bank.

The cheque is reported to have been lost in transit.

Please inform us of the action taken by your bank, so that we can issue a fresh cheque to the above mentioned party.
                                                                                                          Yours Sincerely,