As a part of conservation of wildlife, you were fortunate to visit a zoo, wherein you interviewed the Zoo manager. Write out the questions that you asked him.

The following questions forms part of the interview that were put to the Zoo manager during a visit to the zoo.

  1. How many animals do you have here in this zoo?
  2. What food is supplied to these animals?
  3. How well secure are the animals in their cages?
  4. What problems do these animals face with respect the environment?
  5. How do visitors treat the caged animals?
  6. What is the reaction of these animals?
  7. What facilities do you have to treat illnesses and injuries?
  8. To what extend do you get support from the general public or from animal welfare organizations?
  9. How far are visitors well behaved and follow instructions?
  10. What suggestions for improvements would you like to make?