Electric Spark and Life's internal secret Test no. 1


Q1. Choose the correct alternative and rewrite the following: (2 marks)
1.     1mA = ___________ A
a.     103A
b.     10 – 3 A
c.      106A
d.     10 – 6 A
2.     If a P.D. of 12 V is applied across a 3Ω resistor, then the current passing through it is _______
a.     36A
b.     4A
c.      0.25A
d.     15A
Q2. State True or False. If false correct it. ( 3 marks)
1.     A voltmeter is always connected in parallel with the device.
2.     The conventional direction of flow of current is from positive terminal to negative terminal of the cell.
3.     Silver and copper are good conductors.

Q3.  Give scientific reasons. (6 marks)
1.     Wood and glass are good insulators.
2.     The melting point of filament of a bulb is very high.

Q4. Differentiate between. (4 marks)
1.     Resistance and resistivity.
2.     High resistance and low resistance.

Q5. State the laws: ( 3 marks)
Joule’s law


Q1. Fill in the blanks.  (2 marks)
1.     ______________ is the largest gland in the body. 
2.     The digested food is absorbed by the __________ in the small intestine. 

Q2. Correct the following statements.  (2 marks)
1.     In human beings the blood goes to the heart in one cycle once.
2.     Carbohydrates are the body building nutrients.

Q3. Give scientific reasons.  (6 MARKS)
1.     Translocation is needed in all higher plants.
2.     The plants are kept in dark before determining the factors essential for photosynthesis.

Q4. Draw a well labelled diagram of the following. (6 marks)
1.     Human respiratory system (breathing system) (Refer to pg. no. 123 text book)
2.     Vertical section of the human heart. (Refer to pg. no. 126 text book)

Q5. Answer the following. (4 marks)
1.     How do plants get rid of their excretory products?

Q6. Answer briefly: (5 marks)
1.     Explain the structure and function of a nephron.