Geometry Question Paper 1 (2013)

I. Solve any five sub - questions:

1. In  triangle  PQR, line l || side QR. Line l intersects side PQ in the point M and Side PR in the point N. If PM:MQ = 4:7, find PN:PR.
2. Find the distance between the centres of two circles with diameters 8 cm and 6 cm, if they touch each other internally.
3. If cosec ϴ   =   5,   then what is the value of cot2 ϴ?
4. In triangle ABC, D is a point on the side BC such that BD = 5 cm, and DC = 8 cm. What is A(△ABD): A(△ADC).
5. What is the slope of a line having its inclination 300?
6. What is the total surface area of a cube with side 6 cm?