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Mensuration Assignment

1. The radius of a circle is 21 cm. Find (i) length of the arc (ii) area of the sector, when the corresponding central angle are: (a) 600   (b) 750   (c) 1350

2. An arc of length 18cm subtends an angle of 2700  at the centre. Find the radius and the area of the sector formed by this arc.

3. The area of a sector of a circle is 207.9 sq. cm. and the measure of the arc of the sector is 540. Find (i) the radius of the circle (ii) the length of the arc.

4. The circumference of a circle is 198 cm. The measure of the arc of the circle is 400. Find (i) the radius of the circle (ii) area of the sector.

5. If the sector of a circle with radius 10 cm has central angle 180. find the area of the sector.

Answers: 1. (a) 22cm, 231    (b) 27.5 cm, 288.75  (c) 49.5 cm , 519.75

2. Radius = 12 cm; A(sector) = 108sq. cm.  3. 21 cm, 19.8 cm.  4. 31.5 cm,  346.5  5. 15.7