Exclamatory and Assertive Sentences.

1. What a wonderful story it was! (make it assertive)
Ans. It was a wonderful story.

2. How naughty you are!
Ans. You are very naughty.

3. How sweet!
Ans. It is really very sweet.

4. He was very slow. (Make it exclamatory)
Ans. How slow he was!

5. It was a very lovely painting.
Ans. What a lovely painting it was!

6. How lucky I was!
Ans. I was very lucky.

7. What a lesson to be learned from Wilma!
Ans. It was indeed a great lesson to be learned from Wilma.

8. He was an extraordinary human being.
Ans. What an extraordinary human being he was!

9. I am quite tired.
Ans. How tired I am!

10. I am very proud of my nice mother.
Ans. How proud I am of my nice mother!

11. You are absolutely right.
Ans. How right you are!

12. How painful it is.
Ans. It is very painful.