Make sentences using the given words as noun as well as verbs.

Noun = Name of place, animal, things.
Verbs = Action.

  1. Hand
  2. Can
  3. Lock
  4. Cook
  5. Work
  6. Visit
  7. Name
  8. Right
  9. Hold
  10. Return
  11. Offer
  12. Look
  13. Shop
  14. Produce
  15. Form
  16. Try
  17. lead

Ø  Hand me the towel. (verb)
Ø  Aishwarya’s hand is beautiful. (noun)
Ø  You can do this. (verb)
Ø  The can is full of water. (Noun)
Ø  Lock the door, before you leave. (verb)
Ø  Key is with the lock. (noun)
Ø  My mother cooks food. (verb)
Ø  He is a popular cook. (noun)
Ø  He works in call centre. (verb)
Ø  I have lot of work to do. (noun)
Ø  He visits to the zoo. (verb)
Ø  He earned good name. (Noun)
Ø  I name this cat. (verb)
Ø  Right the correct one. (verb)
Ø  Take right. (noun)
Ø  Hold the pen. (verb)
Ø  I didn’t have any hold. (noun)
Ø  I return the book. (verb)
Ø  I have no return. (noun)
Ø  The companies offer discount. (verb)
Ø  It is a good offer. (noun)
Ø  I am looking you. (verb)
Ø  Your look is beautiful. (noun)
Ø  Raja shops vegetables. (verb)
Ø  He opened the shop. (noun)
Ø  Raghavan produced a film. (verb)
Ø  The farmers store their produce. (noun)
Ø  Ambani formed a company. (verb)
Ø  I am unable to fill the form. (noun)
Ø  I tried a lot. (verb)
Ø  He gave it a last try. (noun)
Ø  He leads me in the race. (verb)
Ø  Lead is a metal. (noun)