While Growing

1. What is Generation Gap?
Ans. The generation gap between adolescents and their parents is partly the result of changes in values and standards of behaviour that occur in changing society.
2. Mention the psychological ups and downs that the adolescent has to face.
Ans. An adolescent has to cope with emotional tension, worry about personal appearance, crave for emancipation and economic independence and face problems regarding social adjustment.
3. What do those who fail to master competencies of emotional intelligence face?
Ans. They face problems such as anxiety disorders, eating disorders, smoking and drinking and other temptations.
4. Adolescents can become very unstable. Why?
Ans. At this time emotional turbulence is at its maximum. Personal pride too makes adolescents emotionally unstable. They are worried about their personal appearance and want freedom from parental control.
5. Why are communication skills important?
Ans. Communication skills are important for improving academic performance of students other people. In order to develop our personality, communication skill is utmost important.
6. What is the meaning of 'self – awareness? Give suitable examples to support your answer.
Ans. Self – awareness is our ability to recognize our own emotions to understand accurately our emotions of the moment and our emotional tendencies in different situations.

E.g. If we are feeling irritated for no apparent reason, do we realise that it is because you are worried about your forth coming exams?