1. Fill in the blanks:
(1)Online chat is any type of real time communication over the internet.
(2)An online virtual environment where many participants chat over a selected topic is called a Chat room.
(3) Online chat began with Internet Relay chat.
2. State whether the following statements are true or false.
(1) MIME allows file attachments to e-mail messages.True.
(2) IRC is used for group or community chat.True.
(3)When Chat or IM participants “talk” they usually create a dialogue using text messages.True.
(4) In a chat room, discussions are usually kept with in the confines of a specific topic.True.
(5) A chat nickname is created from your first name and date of birth.False.
(6) Online chat has no real benefit as an educational medium. False.
3. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:
(1) What is online chat?
Ans.Online chat is a form of real time communication on theinternet between two or more computer.
(2)What is a chat room?
Ans.The virtual online room where chat is taken place is called chat room.
(3)Name the different types of online chat services.
Ans.Internet Relay Chat (IRC), instant messaging and web based chat.
(4)What is a channel in online chat?

Ans.The virtual online room or chat room  is also called channel.