Multimedia (IT STD VI CH 2)

1.Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:
(1)   What is a multimedia computer?
 Ans. A multimedia computer system integrates two or more types media such as text, images and video.  
(2) State the hardware and software you need in you need in your computer to run multimedia applications.
Ans. Multimedia hardware’s are speaker, microphone, CD Drive m sound card, video or input card and camera.The multimedia software’s are sound recorder and media player.
(3)   What is sound recording?
 Ans. The process of recording sound in to a computer with the help of a microphone and sound record
(4)   What is the use of a compact disc?
Ans . Compact disc help as to store and retrieve data.
(5) What is meant by scanning a picture?
Ans. The process of capturing a picture as a grid of small and converting the colour information of each  dot   in to  the  digital languages of a computer is called scanning.
(6) What are the advantages of a scanner ?
Ans. We can scan a picture to the computer . And we can edit the picture as we like. And we can send the picture via email. or we can or we can print the picture when we need.
(7) Write in brief the construction of a flat-bed scanner.
Ans. A flat-bed scanner is a rectangular box with a flat transparent glass top with scanning lamp and scanner strip. The top cover protected  the scanner from dust and scratches.
(8) State the different types of scanners available.
Ans. Hand hold scanner-  we can hold this scanner in our palm.A4 size scanner - it is a flatbed scanner like photo copies.Half imperial size scanner: - It can scan big posters and floor plans.
(9)  What precautions will you take while using a scanner?
Ans. Keep scanner tree from dust. Don’t make scratches on the glass top.
When you scan close the top cover.
2. Name the following :
(1) The language which is computer understands. DIGITAL
(2) An input device to record your voice. MICROPHONE
(3) The piece of hardware to which the loudspeakers or headphone must be connected. SOUND CARD
(4) The piece of hardware you will need to see television programs on your computer`s monitor.TV TUNER CARD
(5) The Windows software to play back sound. WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER
3. State whether the following statements are true or false :
(1) A motion picture cannot be viewed on a multimedia computer
(2) Many headphones have an attached microphone.
(3) A CD is a device to store information.
(4) Your cannot watch a movie using Media player.
(5) You cannot adjust the playback volume in Media player.
(6) A Low-power laser light is used to write on a writable compact disc.
(7) A microphone is used for listening to digitally recorded sound.
(8) A computer understands only the digital language.
(9) The device used to input a picture into a computer is called the paint.
(10) Scanner is an output device.
4. Fill in the blanks :
(1)The WMP  utility in Windows Accessories is used for running an audio CD.
(2)For recording sound, there must be SOUND CARD in the system units.
(3)The amount of the scanner light reflected from a picture is sent to the computer in a DIGITAL language.
(4)The resolution of a picture is measured in units of DPI
(5)Good scanning resolutions are obtained with a 300 DPI to a 8000 DPI scanner.
5. State briefly the use of the following :
(1) Sound card :  Sound card is an electronic create required to input and output the sound in a computer.
(2) TV Tuner card :  It is used to connect  TV signals to a computer.
(3) Mute button in Media player  :  Mute button is used to stop the sound.

(4) Shuffle button in Media Player  :  It is used to re-order the play list of the media player.