1. Fill in the blanks:
(1)Word is a word processor.
(2)Word automatically adds an extension of .Doc at the end of filename of a word document.
(3)Mistakes and errors in a document can be corrected with the help of spellings and grammar checkers.
(4)To insert pictures in your document, click on insert menu on the menu bar.
(5)The Standard toolbar in Microsoft word contains the tool buttons for opening an existing or a new blank Word document.
(6)You will find the tool buttons for Bulleting and numbering on the Formatting toolbar of Microsoft word.
(7)The paragraph dialog box in Microsoft word can be opened by clicking on the Format menu on the Menu bar.
(8)A file created in PowerPoint is called Presentation.
(9)Slides are simply names given to different pages of your presentation.
(10)Power point file have an extension .ppt.
(11)The outlined area on a slide for entering text is called Textbox.
(12)You use the Normal, slide sorter and Slide show buttons to look slides in different ways.
(13)Auto Content Wizard has Five steps.
(14)You can use the Slide sorter View in PowerPoint to view miniatures of all slides together
2. State whether the following statements are true or false.
(1) The buttons on the standard toolbar in Word are shortcuts to the most frequently used main menu commands including those for editing. True
(2) You can find the tool buttons to draw lines and arrows in a word document on the formatting toolbar. False
(3) You can press Ctrl + B key combination on the keyboard to create a new blank document in Word. False
(4) Text typed on a typewriter cannot be saved. True
(5) You can not save a text document prepared in word. False.
(6) You can include pictures and tables in a document prepared in Work. False.
(7) When you type on keyboard, the text appears on the position of | beam. True
(8) Until you save your document, there is possibility of losing all the text you have typed. True.
(9) Print preview is used to view a document after printing. False.
(10) The computer saves all the word documents in My documents folder. False.
(11) Scrollbars are used to view the parts of the document which can not be fitted on the monitor screen. True.
(12) The graduated scale above the text area is called Ruler. True.
(13)  Power point file have .doc  as file name extension. False.
(14)  An Over-head projector(OHP) can be used for effective class room teaching. True.
(15)  Power point help in making your presentation attractive and interesting. True.
(16) You can not include pictures in PowerPoint slides. False
(17)  Templates guide you through in creating your presentation. True.
(18)  PowerPoint is a hardware program. False.
(19)  Clicking on the place holder deselect the textbox. True.
(20)  The Note Pane in PowerPoint lets you add speaker notes. True.
(21)  In PowerPoint presentation, the same options for slide transition can be applied to all the slides with the click of single button. True.
3. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:
(1) State the functions of Print Preview and Insert table tool buttons on the Standard Toolbar in Microsoft Word.
Ans. Print Preview – To view the document as it is printed. Insert Table –To insert table in a word document.
(2)Explain the function of Standard Toolbar in Microsoft Word.
Ans. Standard Toolbar contains the shortcuts to frequently used commands in Microsoft Word. So it makes our work easy.
(3)Write the function of any two icon button on the Standard Toolbar in Microsoft Word.
Ans. New- To open a new blank document. Save – To save the current document.
(4)Explain the function of Formatting Toolbar in Microsoft Word.
Ans. Formatting Toolbar contains the buttons to format a text like alignment, line number, Bold and Italics. We can easily change the font and colour using these buttons.
(5) Write the function of any two icon button on the Formatting Toolbar in Microsoft Word.
Ans. Bold – To make letters bold. Align left – To Align the text to left.
(6)       In how many ways can you align text paragraph? Name them.
Ans. Left Align, Right Align, Center Align and Justify.
(7) What is a presentation?
Ans. Presentation is an effective manner of putting across your thoughts and ideas and feeling so that they are easily understandable.
(8) What are slides?
Ans. Slide is a rectangular composition consisting of text, picture, graph etc. which can be seen on computer screen or viewed in magnified size by a projector during a presentation.
(9) What is called placeholder?
Ans. Place holder is a particular portion or area of a slide which have been marked with a box to hold text,, title, picture or clipart.
(10)  What is PowerPoint used for?
Ans. Power point is using to give a presentation to audience by projecting the slides in succession in order to enable them, to observe each step of the idea and thoughts.
(11)  What are design Templates in MS PowerPoint.
Ans. Design templates are pre designed templates that you can use to create your presentation. 
(12) What is meant by slide design in MS Power Point?
Ans. Slide is a process of preparing a slide by putting Text, Pictures and Sound with appropriate animations.
2. Which menu command or tool will you use to perform each of the following functions?
(1) Open a Word document.
Ans. Start ->All programs ->Ms Office –> Ms Word.
(2)Create a New Word document.
Ans. File -> New.
(3) Close a Word document.
Ans. File -> Close.
(4)Save a Word document for the first time.
Ans. File -> Save.
(5) View a Word document before printing.
Ans. File -> Print Preview.
(6)Print a Word document.
Ans. File -> Print.
(7)Open an existing Word document.
Ans. File -> Open
(8)       Launch PowerPoint.
Ans. Start - >All programs->Ms Office –> Ms Power Point.
(9)       Create new slide.
Ans. File -> New
(10)  Close Power Point.
Ans. File-> Close.
(11)  Open a saved presentation.

Ans. File -> Open