(1)Describe the operating system.
Ans. An operating system is a set of instruction which controls data, data storage and information.
(2)What is CUI?
Ans. It uses text or commands, typed through the keyboard to help the user communicate with the computer.
(3)What is GUI?
Ans. It uses graphic objects to help the user to interact with computer. In the windows operating system, commands are given by clicking on small pictures, symbols and words.
(4)Explain booting?
Ans. The program stored in the ROM checks the basic input and output devices and then loads the operating system. This sequence of operations is called booting.
(5) Which are the two types of booting? Explain.
Ans. they are of two types –
(1) Warm booting: Warm booting is resetting the computer, were operating system is already on by pressing ctrl + alt +delete keys.

(2) Cold booting: a cold boot is the start of computer from the beginning. Computer always starts with cold booting.