SSC March 2015 English Board Paper

(Section I: Reading Skill, vocabulary and grammar)
Time: 3 hrs                   Max. Marks: 80

Q.1 (A) Read the following passage and do the given activities:

A1. Order Arrange the following sentences in the chronological order as they appear in the passage: (2)

(i) On celebrations, parents can invest Rs. 200 and plant a sapling of a tree representing the child’s birth star.
(ii) He wants to create Brihat Panchvati.
(iii) He has been able to increase the areas of the Pavitra VanaVana.
(iv) Plans are afoot to create a Saptaswara forest.

(iii) He has been able to increase the areas of the Pavitra Vana.
(ii) He wants to create Brihat Panchavati.
(iv) Plans are afoot to create a Saptaswara forest.
(i) On celebrations, parents can invest Rs. 200 and plant a sapling of a tree representing the child’s birth star.

Today, Reddy is one of the most well - known environment specialists in India. With his influence, he has been able to increase the areas of the Pavitra Vana and has plans to bring about awareness of Puranic trees and flowers for the  knowledge of the Indian citizen.

He wants to create near the Pavitra Vana, a Brihat Panchavati so that parents can show their children the forest where Shakuntala lived or Sita spent her final days. There will also be a hillock where people can meditate. Plans are also afoot create a Saptaswara forest, pertaining to different ragas in music. Scientists have found that certain plants react in a particular way to different ragas. So in such a forest, when a musician performs certain ragas, the plants will reach in such a manner that it will benefit the audience, the musician and the whole environment. The other idea is an ecopark for children. On celebrations, like birthdays, parents can invest Rs. 200 and plant a sapling of a tree representing the child's birth star. The plant will also carry the child's name. The Pavitra Vana also houses a garden of Prophet Mohammed, which has some plants mentioned in the Holy Quran. There is the date plant - sacred to Islam - and the Mimosops elengi, the latter a highly fragrant variety. There is also the garden of Eden for housing plants sacred to Christianity, but the Pavitra Vana authorities have to procure most of them in the new sections.

A2. Find specialities

Write down the specialities of the following: (2)

(i) Brihat Panchavati: ........................ ..... . .
(ii) Saptaswara Forest: ..................... ..... .............. . .
(iii) Eco-park: ..................................... . .
(iv) A garden of Prophet Mohammed: ............ ..............................
(i) Brihat Panchavati is the forest where Shakuntala lived and also where Sita spent her
final days.
(ii) Saptaswara forest will contain plants which react in peculiar ways to different ragas
in music. This in turn will benefit the audience, the musicians and the environment at
(iii) The eco-park is a park to be built for children where parents can spend Rs. 200 and
plant a sapling on special occasions like their child’s birthday, etc and also name it
after their child.
(iv) The Pavitra Vana contains a garden of Prophet Mohammed with plants mentioned in
the Holy Quran like the date plant and the Mimosops elengi.

A3. Antonyms

Find antonyms for the following words from the passage: (2)
(i) same
(ii) decrease
(iii) destroy
(iv) lost
(i) same X different
(ii) decrease X increase
(iii) destroy X create
(iv) lost X found

A4. Language study

(i) He wants to create near the Pavitra Vana, a Brihat Panchavati. [Pick out an infinitive from the given line and use it in your own sentence] (1)

(ii) Reddy is one of the most well-known environment specialists in India. [Begin with: Very few ………]
(i) To create – Jack learned to create showpieces out of waste materials at the summer workshop.
(ii) Very few environment specialists in India are as well-known as Reddy.

A5. Personal Response

Do you think one person alone can create an awareness towards environment conservation ? Support, your answer with appropriate reasons. (2)

Determination and perseverance can take us a long way to achieve our goals. If a person sets his/her mind to bring about a positive development, his/her example will inspire others to do the same. Therefore it is possible for one person to create awareness regarding conservation of the environment.

(B) Read the following passage and do the given activities:
B1. Select
Fill in the blanks choosing the correct alternatives from those given in the bracket: (2)

(i) The author was inspired and motivated to read ............................................ by the time she
was eleven.
[Shakespeare, Chaucer, G.B. Shaw]
(ii) Every lesson .......................... ......... took was spiced with half a dozen or more anecdotes.
[Mrs. Rowlands, Sister Monica, Mr. A.N. Patil]
(iii) The teachers helped the narrator to become ..................................... . . [confident, happy, independent]
(iv) Mrs. Cynthia Nesamani and Sister Monica gave .......................................... to the narrator.
[freedom to do what he wanted, advice to do something, instructions to produce better results]
(i) Chaucer
(ii) Mr. A.N. Patil
(iii) independent
(iv) freedom to do what he wanted

In a way, one of the greatest gifts any teacher can give a student, I think, is to inculcate a
curiosity to learn. I've been incredibly lucky to have at least one such teacher at every stage in my life. The first was Mrs. Rowlands who taught me in primary school. She taught me to read without ever pushing me. She made me want to read more by giving 'me some of the most interesting children's books available. And although I still love to go back to those books from time to time, it was only because of her that I was able to read Shakespeare by the time I was ten, and Chaucer a year later.

In later years, it was Mr. A.N. Patil, my Marathi and Hindi Teacher who made a huge impression on me. Every lesson he took, was spiced with half a dozen or more anecdotes from a wide variety of subjects: among them history, politics, religion and sociology. I was, and still am in awe of his knowledge, which despite rather desperate attempts, I doubt I'll ever be able to match.

There have also been other teachers who helped me to try to become independent: to think and act for myself using my own judgement, which to my mind has been just as, if not more important, than actually learning anything.

After all, it's much too easy to become a completely useless repository of facts and little else.
Two teachers whom I remember in particular are Mrs. Cynthia Nesamani and Sister Monica, both taught me in school. The former, by and large, gave me a free rein to do what I wanted to do. I, being one of those people who dislike instructions, she helped me to produce much better results than I'd have otherwise done.

Read the extract and complete the following: (2)

The teacher can
(i) .............
(ii) ..............
(iii )..............
(i) Inculcate curiosity to learn in students.
(ii) Give children interesting books so that they develop a liking for reading.
(iii) Spice up their lessons by including additional information and anecdotes.
(iv) Help children become independent by teaching them to think for themselves.

B3. Similar word
Look at the following sentences arid pick the word having similar meaning to the given word and rewrite: (2)

(i) Spiced
His conversation is always with a lot of humour. (made interesting, garnished, flavoured)

(ii) Repository
The library should not merely be a ................ of books. (store-house, reservoir, tank)

(iii) Inculcate
It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to .......values in the child's formative years. (imbibe, give, show)

(iv) Incredibly
I have been .. lucky to have at least one such teacher at every stage in my life. (importantly,  nbelievably,
(i) His conversation is always garnished with a lot of humour.
(ii) The library should not merely be a store-house of books.
(iii) It is the responsibility of the parents and the teachers to imbibe values on the child’s
formative years.
(iv) I have been unbelievably lucky to have at least one such teacher at every stage in my

B4. Language study

(i) There have also been other teachers. They have helped me to try to become independent. (Combine using 'who') (1)

(ii) It was only because of her that I was able-to read Shakespeare. (Rewrite beginning with: If it was not for her, ). (1)

(i) There have also been other teachers who have helped me to try to become
(ii) If it was not for her, I would not have been able to read Shakespeare.

B.5 Out motivators
Look at the following table and complete it by presenting your own views

Influence on your life
(i) Teachers
(ii) Parents
(iii) Relatives
(iv) Friends

(i) Teachers – Educate us and give us knowledge.
(ii) Parents – Impart values and manners in us.
(iii) Relatives – Inspire us to take up new challenges
(iv) Friends – Support us and share our joys and sorrows

Q.2 (A) Read the following passage and do the given activities:
A1. True or False
State whether the following statements are true or false: (2)
(i) A new research suggests that eating healthy food and getting proper sleep helps children to
succeed in school.
(ii) Kids in the age group of 6-12 years should get an average sleep of little less than 7 hours.
(iii) Kids should start their day with yogurt, fruits and veggies.
(iv) Children should have consistent sleeping habit.
(i) True
(ii) False
(iii) False
(iv) True

A new research suggests that eating healthy food and getting proper sleep can help children succeed in school. According to research, when kids go to school without eating breakfast, their cognitive function can be affected.

According to study, kids should start the day with fruits, proteins and whole grains and they should avoid sugary cereals because they cause a sugar high. If the kids do need to eat something prior to dinner, parents should offer healthy choices like yogurt, fruits and veggies or baked chips. Children have also been advised to drink water instead of soda as-it lacks nutritional value. Moreover, research suggests that children need a good night's sleep for their overall school performance. It is said that. lack of sleep can lead to problems with attention and memory in the classroom, affect impulse control and mood regulation lead to. anxiety and even depression.

While kids aged 6-12 years should get nine hours sleep nightly, adolescents from the age of 13 to 18 years should get an average sleep of little more than seven hours per night. However, the research suggests that catching up on lost sleep on the weekend can make matters worse and recommended a consistent bedtime seven days a week.

A2. Find
Fill in the blocks with the following given in the passage: (2)
(i) Two things to be avoided by children:

(ii) Lack of sleep due to mood regulation leads to:

1. Sugary cereals during breakfasts.
2. Soda as it lacks nutritional values.
1. Anxiety
2. Depression

A3. Select
Select the correct word from the brackets and complete the statements given below: (2)
(anxiety, consistent, impulse, attention)

(i) Last minutes study causes......... to the students.
(ii) Stress affects the.............. for a quick action.
(iii) Saina has shown ........... improvement in her performance.
(iv) Students should pay class.
(i) anxiety
(ii) impulse
(iii) consistent
(iv) attention

A4. Language study
(i) Pick out anyone sentence from the passage where a modal auxiliary indicating advice is
used. (1)
(ii) Pick out the correct conjunctions from the given sentences: (1)
(a) Kids should avoid sugary cereals because they cause a sugar high.
(b) It is said that lack of sleep can lead to problems.
(i) According to study, kids should start the day with fruits, proteins and whole grains
and they should avoid sugary cereals because they cause a sugar high.
(ii) (a) Kids should avoid sugary cereals because they cause a sugar high.
(b) It is said that lack of sleep can lead to problems.

A5. Personal response
We should eat healthy food. Explain.
Eating good food makes us healthy and strong. Being well fed is also responsible for
making us happier. We become more attentive and this helps us to focus on studies. This
can help us excel in both physical activities as well as academic performances.

(B) Read the following passage and do the given activities:
B1. Find reasons (2)

(i) The effect of receding forest …………………………………. .
(ii) The number of animals is reduced because ………………………. .
(iii) Elephants entered the city because…………………… .
(iv) Elephants lived a wary life …………………….. .
(i) is that animals lose their food and shelter.
(ii) hunters have found the forests an ideal hunting ground.
(iii) they found their favourite food, the green shoots of the bamboo.
(iv) because they did not know when men would appear again with tractors, bulldozers
and dynamite and destroy their forests.

On the left bank of the Ganga, where it emerges from the Himalayan foothills, there is a long
stretch of heavy forest. There are villages on the fringe of the forest, inhabited by bamboo
cutters and farmers, but there are few signs of commerce or pilgrimage. Hunters, however,
have found the area an ideal hunting ground during the last seventy years, and as a result, the
animals are not as numerous as they used to be. The trees, too, have been disappearing slowly;
and, as the forest recedes, the animals lose their food and shelter and move further on into the
foothills. Slowly, they are being denied the right to live.

Only the elephants can cross the river. And two years ago, when a large area of the forest was
cleared to make way for a refugee resettlement camp, a herd of elephants - finding their
favourite food, the green shoots of the bamboo, in short supply - waded across the river. They
crashed through the suburbs of Haridwar, knocked down a factory wall, pulled down several
tin roofs, held up a train, and left a trail of devastation in their wake until they found a new
home in a new forest which was still untouched. Here, they settled down to a new life but an
unsettled, wary life. They did not know when men would appear again, with tractors, bulldozers and dynamite.

B2. Find out
Mention four things the elephants did when they found shortage of food: (2)

(iii) …………
(iv) ………….
The elephants
(i) They crashed through the suburbs of Haridwar.
(ii) The elephants knocked down a factory wall.
(iii) They pulled down several tin roofs.
(iv) Some elephants held up a train.

Make meaningful sentences by selecting any two of the following phrases: (2)

(i) to make way for
(ii) in short
(iii) on the fringe of.
(i) The crowd was asked to move aside to make way for the chief guests.
(ii) The phone kept ringing in short intervals and kept the children awake all night.
(iii) Rag pickers live on the fringes of the city.

B4. Language study
Select the proper alternative to make the correct voice: (2)

(i) Hunters have found an ideal hunting ground.
-An ideal hunting ground ........found by hunters.
(had been, has been, was)
(ii) They are being denied the right to live.
- The people ........them the right to live.
(are denying, were denying, denying)
(i) An ideal hunting ground has been found by hunters.
(ii) The people are denying them the right to live.

B5.Personal response
What would be your contribution to protect the natural habitat of animals? (2)
In order to protect the natural habitat of animals, I will reduce the senseless
consumption of paper by reusing printed paper for rough work. I will raise my voice
against private industries which attempt to expand their properties by destroying the
forests. I will share the importance of the forest cover with my friends and neighbours and
urge them to plant more trees.

(SECTION II: Poetry)

Q.3 (A) Read the following extract and do the given activities:

A1. (i) Two activities that mother was free to do:

(ii)Two activities that children avoided doing because of television:
(a) .....................................
(b) ...................................
(i) The mother was free to
(a) cook lunch
(b) wash the dishes in the sink

(ii) Children avoided the following due to television:
(a) climbing out through the windows
(b) fighting, kicking and punching

Oh yes, we know it keeps them still,
They don't climb out the window sill,
They never fight or kick or punch,
They leave you free to cook the lunch
And wash the dishes in the sink
But did you ever stop to think,
To wonder just exactly what
This does to your beloved tot?
It rots the sense in the head!
It kills imagination dead!
It clogs and clutters up the mind!
It makes a child so dull and blind
He can no longer understand
A fantasy, a fairyland!
His brain becomes as soft as cheese!
His power of thinking rust and freeze!
He cannot think - He only sees!
'All right!' you'll cry. 'All right!' you'll say,
'But if we take the set away,
What shall-we do to entertain
Our darling children? Please explain!'
We'll answer this by asking you,
'What used the darling ones to do?'
'How used they keep themselves contented
Before this monster was invented?'
Have you forgotten? Don't you know?

A2. According to the poem, why is excessive watching of TV harmful? (2)

According to the poem, excessive watching of TV is harmful as it rots the children’s
senses and kills their imagination. It clogs their minds making them dull and unimaginative.
The poet also says that if children watch TV for a long time their brains become soft like
cheese and their power of thinking gets rusted and frozen.

A3. His brain became as soft as cheese. The figure of speech is ..........because............ (1)
Simile: The softness of the brain is compared to that of cheese.

(B)Read the following poem and do the given activities:
B1. Complete
Complete the following statements:
(i) The poet is talking about............................. .
(ii) As a nation weare missing our .................................... .
(iii) Old people havekeys ........................... .
(iv) The elderly remember .......................... .
(i) the wisdom possessed by the elderly
(ii) greatest true resource, which is the guidance of our elders when we get to know them.
(iii) of things they can show us
(iv) the loved ones which were near to them

"Oh the value of the elderly! How could anyone not know? They hold so many keys, so many
things they can show.
We all will read the other side this I firmly believe.
And the elderly are closest oh what clues we could retrieve.
For their characters are closest to how we'll be on high.
They are the ones most developed, you can see it if you try.
They've let go of the frivolous and kept things that are dear.
The memories of so sweet, of loved ones that were near.
As a nation we are missing our greatest true resource,
To get to know our elders and let them guide our course."

B2 Express
State what the underlined words mean:
(i) Oh the value of the elderly! State the value ............. .
(ii) They are the ones most developed. 'They' stand for ............. .
(i) The values lie in the wisdom and the guidance of the elderly.
(ii) The word ‘they’ stands for the elderly described in the poem.

B3: Match the words in Column A with their rhyming word in Column B: (1)

Column A
(i) Course
(ii) Believe
(a) Show
(b) resource
(c) retrieve
(i) course – resource
(ii) believe – retrieve

(Section III: Rapid Reading)

Q.4 Read the following extract and do the given activities:

AI. Who said to whom (1)
(i) "Is he going to live, sir?"
(ii) ".................. the struggle is too hard at the end......................... .”
(i) The following question was asked by the assistant to the doctor.
(ii) The doctor said the following words to his assistant.

The doctor said to himself, "If my word can save his life, he shall not die.
The will be damned." He called, "Gopal, listen." This was the first time he was going to do a
piece of acting before a patient, simulate a feeling and conceal his Judgement. He stooped over
the patient and said, with deliberate emphasis, "Don't worry about the will now. You are going
to live. Your heart is absolutely sound."
A new glow suffused the patient's face as he heard it. Be asked in a tone of relief,
"Do you say so? If it comes from your lips it must be true............ . "
The doctor said, "Quite right. You are improving ever second. Sleep in peace. You must not
exert yourself on any account. You must sleep very soundly.
I will see you in the morning." The patient looked at him gratefully for a moment and then
closed his eyes. The doctor picked up his bag and went out, shutting the door softly behind him.
On his way home he stopped for a moment at his hospital, called out his assistant and said,
"That Lawley Extension case. You might expect the collapse any second now. Go there with a
tube of .....................................'in hand, and give it in case the struggle is too hard at the end. Hurry
Next morning he was back at Lawley Extension at ten. From his car he made a dash for the sick
bed. The patient was awake and looked very well. The assistant reported satisfactory pulse.
The doctor put his tube to his heart, listened for a while and told the sick man's wife, "Don't
look so unhappy, lady. Your husband will live to be a ninety.’’ When they were going back to the
hospital, the assistant sitting beside him in the car asked, "Is he going to live, sir?"
"I will bet on it. He will live to be ninety. He has turned at corner. How he has survived this
attack will be a puzzle to me all my life," replied the doctor.

A2. Web
Complete the web: (2)


A3. Personal Response (2)
What is your opinion about the doctor and his behaviour?
The doctor was kind hearted and extremely dedicated to his profession. He was willing
to go out of his way to aid his patients. He was supportive and gave Gopal a reason to hope
for the better. His patients relied on his word on account of his dedication and hard work.

(Section IV : Writing Skills)
Q. 5 (A) Attempt any one of the following letters with the help of given news headline: (5)


A1. Letter

A2. Letter
Write to your friend about the
condition of roads and the
care to be taken.
Write a letter to the newspaper
editor highlighting the  condition of the roads in your area and suggest suitable measures.

Answer for A1.
7G, Rainbow colony,
M.G. Road,
Dharavi Cross Road,
Mumbai – 400017.
5th March, 2016

Dear Sonia,

I hope this letter finds you well. I write this letter to you to discuss a problem that you and I have often suffering about. Remember our bumpy rides to school in the school bus? Well the stretch between SV Road at Milan Junction and the Link Road, passing through Daulat and Rizvi Nagar, is still a nightmare for commuters. I recently read in the papers that this infamous stretch has 179 potholes! To top it up, the rains have turned many of them into small pools of dirty water, the biggest among them measuring 3 X 3 metres with a depth of 10 inches! Naturally, the motorists struggle every day to commute on this road.

The authorities may take years to act upon this problem. So it is up to us to take the necessary precautions to avoid any fatalities. We need to instruct our bus driver to steer clear of the big potholes. Driving slowly will minimise the inconvenience caused to the passengers. The water-filled potholes have to be avoided since it is difficult to gauge their depth. We can also opt for an alternate route even if it takes longer to get to school. I have decided to distribute these printed instructions to other motorists who use this road. I truly believe that the frequency of accidents can be brought down considerably if everyone adheres to these instructions. Write back to me with your views on this subject.

Yours truly,

Answer for A2.
7G, Rainbow colony,
M.G. Road,
Dharavi Cross Road,
Mumbai – 400017.
5th March, 2016

The Editor,
The Times News Paper,
Mumbai – 400001

Subject: The bad conditions of roads

Dear Sir,

I, Amin Buhari, am a student of St. Aloysius High School. I have written to you to highlight the plight of the commuters who happen to use the infamous CS Road every day. Travelling by this road has become increasingly difficult due to the increasing number of potholes. Some potholes are so big that small vehicles like rickshaws and motorbikes get stuck in them. This problem worsens during the monsoons when these ditches fill up with water. Unsuspecting commuters and motorists routinely get injured trying to navigate through these potholes.

I sincerely request commuters be asked to drive slowly along the road to minimise the casualties. Helmets should be made mandatory to motorists who use bikes and scooters. Also vehicles must be told to steer away from water-filled potholes since many of them look deceptively shallow. Lastly, I suggest using the adjacent SM Marg which is relatively better than CS Road. I truly hope that the commuters take these precautions to minimize the troubles they face every day.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
Amin Buhari

(B) Attempt any one of the following : (5)
M. Gandhi Vidyalaya
We invite you to grace the auspicious
programme of 'Republic Day'.
Programme :
Flag hoisting
National Anthem
March Past
Dance Competition
Environment Exhibition
Day & Date : Sunday 26 Jan., 2014
Time: 7 a.m.
Venue : The School Ground

B1. Report
Prepare a report for the school
magazine on the celebration of
the Republic Day. Use the points given in the invitation card.
B2. Dialogue
Develop a dialogue between
you and your mother on the
celebration of the Republic
Day in your school.

Answer: B1
Republic Day Celebrations at Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya

Mumbai, 27th January 2014

The 66th Republic Day was celebrated with a lot of fanfare and grandeur at Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya yesterday. Students and teachers from all the classes participated in the plethora of cultural programs which took place in the school premises. The day began with the hoisting of the national flag by our Principal Dr. Mehta at 7 am. The entire assembly of students sang the national anthem immediately after the flag hoisting. The school band marched past the ground playing drums and trumpets. The members of the band were
dressed in the colours of the school’s emblem and wore attractive sashes and headgears.

The cultural events were kick started with the dance competition where students competed with one another in the solo and group dance categories. Miss Umang from Class 9 won in the solo category and Class 6 won for their colourful rendition of a folk song. After the cultural events, an environment exhibition was held where the students displayed various models on environmental awareness and solar-powered gadgets. The model for a solar-powered garbage disposal won the first prize. After a short prayer, the Principal gave a speech on the empowerment of the youth. The event concluded with a group song by the teachers. It was truly a spectacular day for all of us at Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya.

By Student Reporter

Answer : B2
Mother: Looks like you had a lot of fun at school today. How were the Republic Day celebrations?

Me: It was truly spectacular mother. Our Principal, Mrs. Mehta, hoisted the national flag at 7 am and we sang the national anthem. Soon after that, the school band marched by wearing colourful clothes and sashes.

Mother: Did they play any instruments?

Me: Yes they did play drums and trumpets. A girl from my class won the first prize in the solo dance competition. She performed beautifully.

Mother: Now tell me about the environment exhibition you were preparing for.

Me: Oh yes! I had been working on my exhibit for the past three weeks. As you already know, it was a model for a solar-powered garbage disposal. The bin is covered with solar powered cells which convert the kitchen waste into energy. The competition was very tough but the judge somehow loved my idea as it was original.

Mother: Does that mean you won the prize?

Me: Yes mother, I wanted it to be a surprise for you. The trophy is in my bag.

Mother: Oh I can’t wait to see it!

Me: The day couldn’t have ended better. Our Principal also gave a speech on the empowerment of the youth and cited my example as an ideal youth who would do great things in the future. After a small group song, the program came to an end. I truly had a great time today!

Q. 6 (A) Attempt any one of the following: (5)
A1. Books have the power to inspire and do many more things. Observe the web diagram and convert the information into a paragraph. Add a few more points to the given information:

Books are our truest friends who provide us with a treasure house of knowledge and information. Much like our friends, they give us inspiration and encourage us to do great things. We get pleasure from reading the stories of far-away lands and from learning about the mysteries of the Universe. We get motivated by the biographies of great men and are inspired to follow in their footsteps. Books teach us not only about science and logic but also about morality and values. They help us overcome our shortcomings and sculpt us into ideal human beings. Therefore, everyone should read books.

A2. Read the given information and fill the table provided:

Acclaimed in Indian classics as the Kalpavriksha, the all giving tree the coconut palm grows in several states in India. The coconut palm is member of the plant family Arecaceae popularly known as palm family. It flourishes on sandy soils requiring high humidity abundant sunlight and high rainfall for optimal growth. All parts of the palm are used in some way or another in the daily life of the people. Coconut water provides a refreshing and nutritious drink. The firm kernel that line the inside is high in calories and the white milk extracted from it is used in many different ways. Oil extracted from dried mature coconuts is used as cooking oil. The leaves are braided to make thatched roof and mats. The mid ribs of the leaves are dried and tied together to make brooms. The coconut shell and husk are good sources of efficient fuel. During religious ceremonies married women are often presented with a coconut along with a few grains of rice as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Name :
Scientific name :
Place where grown :
Climate required :
Uses :
(a) Liquid
(b) Kernel
(c) Leaves
(d) Shell
Symbolises :

Coconut Palm
Scientific name
Place where grown
Sandy soils
Climate required
High humidity, abundant sunlight, high rainfall

(a) Liquid
Refreshing and nutritious drink
White milk has many uses, Oil is extracted from dried kernel
Used for make thatched roofs and mats
Source of efficient fuel
Fertility and prosperity

(B) Attempt any one of the following:
B1. Speech
Meeting is with pleasure,
Parting is with pain,
May life shower its treasure,
On you, now and again.
Wishing you all the best for
your future.

After going through the message on the School Notice Board, draft a speech to be delivered on the occasion of Std. X Farewell
Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends!

A very good morning to each one of you! Today, as I stand here in front you, I am overwhelmed by a multitude of emotions. Going back to our first day of school, we all felt upset to be away from the security of our family. Today we feel the same emotion: a sense of sadness to part from our extended family of friends, classmates and teachers. I want to thank our Principal for skippering the school in the right direction and for instilling discipline in us; our teachers for enriching us with knowledge and for moulding our nimble minds; our friends for their unwavering support and love; and last but not the least, our non-teaching staff for all the assistance they provided us over the years.

On this monumental occasion, we take a big step into the world outside. We are now at the threshold of adulthood. I am grateful that each of you has been instrumental in contributing to our growth, both intellectual and personal. I truly hope that one day, each of us is able to inspire others the way you have inspired us. Wishing everyone all the very best for the future.

B2. Write your counterviews in a paragraph on the topic:
'Crackers should be burst to express happiness', on the basis of the views given below – Add a few more points.
It symbolizes joy.
It illuminates the sky.
Children enjoy it.

Begin your paragraph as 'I strongly oppose the conviction ……..

I strongly oppose the conviction that crackers should be burst to express happiness. The loud noise of the crackers is known to raise stress levels in people and can frighten animals. The smoke from the crackers pollutes the air and impairs visibility causing accidents. The inhalation of the fumes can cause lung diseases. They can also escalate blood pressure and worsen heart conditions in patients. There are better and cheaper ways of expressing happiness like distributing sweets or planting trees.

Q.7 Attempt any one of the following:
A1. Expand any one of the given two ideas in about 80-100 words:
(i) Cleanliness is Godliness
Cleanliness is Godliness
Our bodies and our minds are our greatest instruments; they are our identity. It is essential that we treat them with respect by practicing proper hygiene of the body, mind and spirit. A clean body is a hallmark of a responsible person. Only in a clean body can a clean mind reside. And when the mind and the body are clean, it results in a clean spirit. A clean spirit ensures that all the actions and words of the person are also clean. A clean person resists bad thoughts and deeds. He thus rises above the rest and finds himself closer to God.

(ii) A stitch in time saves nine
A stitch in time saves nine
A work done on time prevents many troubles. Procrastination can often cost us dearly if we are not prompt. For example, if one has a small tear in one’s garment, it would be wise to stitch it up as soon as possible. Ignoring it can result in the tear widening and eventually the garment would be of no use. Similarly, problems in relationships should be addressed before they could turn into big issues. Once we miss an opportunity, we may never get it back. Therefore, it is wise to never delay what has to be done immediately.

A2. Develop a story in about 80-100 words with the following ending. Give a suitable title:
………………….. Thank God I found my Science Journal before the last date of submission

Tomorrow is the last for submitting our Science Journals. Yesterday, I started panicking because I couldn’t find it in my bookshelf. I thoroughly checked my bag and my study table. I even checked under my pillow where I usually keep my novels, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I decided to plead with my teacher to consider my problem. Today at school, my friend who sits behind me tapped me on my shoulder and said, “Is this yours? You left it under the desk.” It was my beloved science journal. Thank God I found my Science Journal before the last date of submission