The Thief was Easily Caught

Amir was a rich merchant. He was living in a village in Maharashtra. He has several shops in the city. He was very rich but had a soft corner for poor people. His wife did not like this attitude. Amir did not mind her.

One day, one of his trade - friends gave him a diamond - studded wrist watch. It cost several lakhs. He wore the watch very fondly. His wife and sons praised it every now and then. One monday, as he was ready to get out on his journey to the neighbouring city, he asked his wife to get him the much coveted watch. She failed to bring it for him. She said, “The watch is not to be seen on the dressing table” Amir was upset and did not have any idea of the watch. He wore his old watch for the time being and went away.

On his return, he called his three servants who were staying with him. He knew that one of them had surely stolen the watch. None of them owned up the crime. Amir had some doubt about Ram, The other two were Shyam and Ganesh. But as he had no solid proof, he thought of an idea to catch the thief.

He once more called all the three servants. He gave them three sticks one each. All the three sticks were of equal length. He then said that the next day the belonging to the thief would grow an inch longer.

The three servants went to their rooms. But Ram, who was the real thief, could not have sound sleep. He got up early in the morning and cut one inch off the stick. He thought that it would have grown an inch longer as the sun rose up; which didn’t happen.

Next morning, the merchant called all the three servants to his living room, along with their sticks. The other members of the family too were there, All of them saw that Ram’s stick was an inch shorter than the other two. Strict action was taken against him. and the watch was recovered. Every one praised the merchant, who heaved a sigh of relief.