Explain the use of configuration of company (F12)?

Ans. To configure company, click on F12 button from the button panel. It shows the following screen in gateway of tally:
Numeric symbol
Accts/inv.  Info
Voucher entry
Invoice/order entry
1.       Configuration changes may affect all the active companies.
2.       Configuration has different options like general, numeric symbols, accts/inv. Info, voucher entry, invoice, order entry, printing, etc.
3.       General options are used to change information like country detail, date format or graphs in monthly report, etc.
4.       Numeric symbol option is used to change format of the numbers.
5.       Accts/inv info option is used to check the default settings. In this option, if user sets allow alias for the name then only it asks the alias otherwise it doesn’t  ask any alias for the name.
6.       Voucher entry set the features of the vouchers, such as cost vouchers details, bill wise details, ledger current balance, etc.
7.       Invoice/order entry sets the features of the invoices and purchase, sales order entry.
8.       Printing options is used for printing Vouchers, Invoices, Financial Statements, etc.

9.       Quit option is used to quit from the configuration menu and go to the previous menu.