(2) Write short paragraph in about 120 words to be used for the Counter - View section on the following topic:

“Science and Technology development have helped us in all walks of life”.

You may take help of the following points from the View section.

Science and technology development are not at all useful for mankind. It has made life so discomfort that nobody has some time to think about themselves. Man was quite contented with life before the development of science and technology. Agricultural production increased with the decline in quality of goods. Life being lengthened along with various diseases. World is brought closer through various safer and faster communication and transport systems but nobody has some time to spend with their own family members. Modes of entertainment has increased tremendously but the physical activities have been decreased to a lot.

Q. 7. Answer the following questions as per instructions:

(A) Imagine you have to interview an old woman who lives in an ‘old - age home’. Write a set of 8 to 10 questions for the interview. You may take help of the following points: [4 marks]

Ans. Good morning, you look very happy in this home and am glad to see you in good health.

(1) Whee does your family live?

(2) Do they visit you often?

(3) How many children and grandchildren do you have?

(4) Why did they put you in an old - age home?

(5) What’s the environment like here?

(6) What would an average day here look like?

(7) Are you happy with the treatment here?

(8) What’s the most challenging part to you?

(9) What would you like us to do in order to make you your life more meaningful?

(10) What advice would you give to young people wanting to put their parents in an old age home?
Q. 7. (B) Imagine you have to give a speech on the topic ‘India’s Changing Villages’. Write a speech on it about 100 words. [3 marks]

India’s Changing Villages.

India is a land of villages. It is said that real India lives in villages. About seventy per cent of its population lives in villages. India is undergoing revolutionary changes. Its villages are not untouched by those changes.

The changes are reflected in every walk of life. These changes have been brought by various agents. These include science, technology, and spread of education, advent of media in rural areas, industrialisation, urbanisation and migration. Hence the lifestyle, attitude and thinking have changed greatly in rural India. In fact these factors have combined to change the ritualistic rural society into a dynamic society.

Once upon a time Caste-based division has been prominently visible in rural India. But things are rapidly changing now. People do not care for any such distinction. There is an interdependence existence in society. There is a close interaction of people of different castes, creeds and religions, among them for various purposes. The outlook of the villagers has undergone sea change. They have begun to see things in broader context. This is a good sign.